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3 Quick-Fixes When Texting a Girl You Just Met

In this article I will teach you 3 quick-fixes that make your “text game” more attractive.

These are 3 little switches to the words you send girls.

The great thing is that it only takes literally two seconds to implement these “switches” to your text game.

If you are currently texting a girl you just met, but you’re afraid she’s losing interest, then it’s very likely that you have to fix one of the 3 texting mistakes I’m going to go over.

From experience, I notice these mistakes in an INSTANT after a quick glance at your text conversation.

And if you don’t fix them, these 3 texting mistakes will make you come across “weak” and “low-status” in a woman’s eyes.

So pay close attention.

Let’s start with the first…

Quick-Fix #1: Don’t Make Your Texts Too Long

Be aware of the “Investment Principle”.

This means… how much does she text vs. how much do you text.

I’m talking about text length here.

You want to text about equal or less than her… but not more than her.

Now don’t get too crazy counting the words and erasing your text if it’s
a 13 word reply to her 12 word question.

The point is that, in general, monitor the “investment balance” in each text interaction.

I want you to ESPECIALLY notice how much the GIRL is investing.

Because the more a girl invests in you, the more you can get her to do more things… the more you can get more COMPLIANCE.

And when you really start getting compliance, she starts rationalizing that the reason she is investing is because she likes you…

But if you’re sending this humongous paragraph to the girl while she’s replying with short one word texts… then you are investing way more than she is!

That’s why you want to keep the investment about equal… and find ways to get her to invest more.

Now with that in mind, don’t double-text either. If you send her a message, don’t send another text right away. Wait for her reply to text back.

Because here’s the thing:

Girls often test guys by taking long to reply to see if the guy freaks out.

Once a guy starts sending multiple texts out of desperation, then she knows he
is too “NEEDY” of the outcome, she sees this as “weak”… and she loses attraction for him.

Quick-Fix #2: Kill the Question Marks

Guys use too many questions in their texting and it kills their chemistry with women.

Too many questions make you come across as reactive and “permission-seeking”… which is “feminine” communication.

On the other hand, statements are a perfect example of masculine communication. They are confident, assertive, and dominate the conversation.

That’s why you must turn your QUESTIONS into STATEMENTS in order to inject masculinity and take control of your text interactions.

Whether it’s telling a girl you “had a cup of coffee brewed by the hand of God” or that you saw a creepy old man on a scooter, masculine energy is always making statements rather than asking questions.

It causes the woman to consider the statement and REACT…

…By asking questions, and using lots of “hahas”… “lols”… and emoticons… because she’s the feminine one.

But when your communication loses that “masculine edge”… chemistry fizzles out, and the girl stops reacting to you.

And when you desperately begin reacting to her in order to get her approval back… That’s when you lose her.

So look into your phone right now, and look at all the question marks you’ve used in your text interactions with women.

Ask yourself: “Could I have used a statement instead of a question?”


Quick-Fix #3: Use Less Emojis and Emoticons

Using too many emojis, emoticons, hahas, or lols make you come across feminine and “try-hard”.

Again, we’re being aware of the investment principle… so here you want to make simple switches to your texting so that it makes you come across as putting in less effort and hence “higher-status”.

You want to put forth a “non-chalant” vibe with your communication.

There you have it. Give your texting these 3 quick-fixes when texting a girl you just met.


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