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3 Subtle Needy Mistakes That Make You Look Clingy and Make Girls Reject You (How to Stop Being Needy With Girls)

You’re about to learn how to stop being clingy with girls, once and for all.

The 3 needy mistakes described in this article are subtle, and they make you look clingy. Sometimes you don’t even know you are making them, until you “go for it” with the girl you really like…

And then, when she unexpectedly rejects you… you are left wondering what went wrong, and you start feeling like you’re not good enough… or not good-looking enough.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault…. well sorta.

Part of it IS your fault, but it’s not what you think.

See, most of the reasons guys tell themselves to explain why they failed, are actually WRONG reasons.

This means that most of the time, you miss the REAL reasons that caused you to miss out on a great opportunity with a girl.

And because of this… you miss your chance to FIX it in the future. That’s why I invite you to keep reading… so this doesn’t happen to you again.

There are subtle, HIDDEN mistakes that hurt your chances with women.

Now, some of these mistakes can be fixed immediately, and some can take longer, but you will KNOW these mistakes by the end of this article, and you can start to fix them right away.

Let’s begin.

Remember this quote: “Those who get hungry, never get fed”

Now when I mean hungry… I mean hungry for the attention of girls… being hungry for sex… or being hungry for getting approval from a woman.

Can you think of a time this happened to you?It’s easy to know if you’re “hungry.”

If you feel like you really need to talk to a girl in order to have a good time, then you know you’re at least a bit hungry.

3 Needy Hungry Mistakes Guys Make (Don’t Be Like These Guys)

1. The “Eye of the Rapist” Guy

You can usually spot the guy who’s hungry whenever you go out. It’s the guy who has what’s called the “eye of the rapist” …and it’s just so OBVIOUS that the guy’s entire night is dependent on getting some sort of girl approval or attention… that it can be “smelled” by a mile away.

And boy does it smell awful to women.

The guy is usually scanning the room… with those “radar” eyes… that scan for a girl to see if she gives him approval.

This guy isnt’ even talking to his friends or trying to have a good time. He is like a robotic terminator scanning for girls.

It REPELS everyone because it’s obvious the hungry guy wants some “eye candy” for his “hunger.”

2. The Guy on Facebook Who Comments on All the Girl’s Photos

If you ever go on Facebook and start looking through a hot girl’s photos, you might spot that one guy in her friend’s list who always comments on her sexy selfies.

In her comments, he usually leaves compliments  like “wow you look beautiful” or “you look stunning!”

If you find these kind of comments from a guy… on a few of her pictures in a row… chances are, you’ve found the hungry guy.

Another thing is… he sometimes he feels like it’s a competition… where he thinks to himself “Yeah! I’m going to be the first one to compliment her, and she’s going to see that, and notice that I give her attention!”

But unfortunately for him, the girl is not going to think “Wow he’s flattering me with compliments… so I’m going to have sex with him!” (I mean this is obvious, right?)

The result he ACTUALLY gets is to send out the signal that he is HUNGRY.

So don’t be this guy!

3. The Guy Who is “Leaning in”

OK, this is one of the MOST COMMON ways to look hungry.

Whenever you’re having a conversation with a girl you really like, chances are you might instinctively “lean in.”

This is bad because it sends a body language signal to the girl that you’re “getting hungry” and too interested in her. And the girl will feel it, and lose attraction for you…

And you don’t even NOTICE it happening!

But from far away, other girls will be able to tell you’re a little too interested in the girl you’re talking to. So catch yourself next time you do this!

So it is something you’ve got to LOOK OUT for, because the leaning happens UNCONSCIOUSLY… without you being aware of it.

For example, sometimes I’m talking to a girl I really like… and I suddenly catch myself leaning too much towards her. Then I become aware of it… (I gain “awareness”)…

So what do I do? I correct myself by leaning back.

Next time you’re out and socializing with girls, pay attention to your body language. Are you leaning too much? If you are, just remember: “Lean Back”

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

When a guy is hungry, girls can sniff his hunger, and they’re SCARED of it. Why? Because a girl wants to avoid the “creepy guy” situation. So if a girl is interacting with you, she is actively looking for hungry signs. What does this mean?

This means a girl will TEST YOU, to see how hungry you are.

However, I’m here to tell you that you can use this to YOUR ADVANTAGE. How? Because if a girl sees a guy who appears totally not hungry for her attention or approval, she will sense it… and she will feel a strange attraction towards him.

And now SHE will be the one who gets hungry for HIM.

Now, you might start to notice that this is a perfect CLUE to figure out if a girl likes you. Whenever you see a girl persistently leaning forward to hear what you have to say, you know she has interest for you.

There’s a move you can make on a girl, that gives you an even more POWERFUL clue that signals her interest.

It’s actually a type of “chemistry test” …and it lets you know if you’re in the “Friend zone” or not.

It’s called the “Friend Zone Test” (click HERE to learn it)

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