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3 WORST Texts to Send a Girl (NEVER Send These Texts)

Ok so, these texts…

– don’t spark her emotions or make you stand out
– make her think you’re one of the regular “nice guys
– never get you closer to getting her out on a date

Here they are:

1. The “I’ve Got Nothing” Text:

“what’s up?”

When you only text a girl “what’s up?” you imply a couple things.
One, you show a girl that you’ve got nothing to contribute… and
you are putting the burden on HER to think of something to start the

In other words, you are saying “here, I’ve got nothing, why don’t you lead?”

Another thing you suggest to the a girl, is that you have scarcity. I know,
it’s a bit subtle, but it’s like you’re saying, “Hey, I’ve got nothing going on
right now, so I texted you so you can provide me with entertainment and value.

Girls want guys who ALREADY have many things going on. Guys who are
“overflowing with abundance.”

2. The Nice Guy “Checking up on you” Text

“Hey just wanted to say hi, hope you’re having a great weekend”

This types of text has no useful purpose. In fact, the real purpose of
this text is REALLY to get an instant hit of validation when she responds.

See, when a guy in “crush mode” has been obsessing over a girl for a
few days, he will feel an URGE to send out any kind of text, to get a
response from the girl.

He sends out this text, and her response gives him a “hit” of relief…
and they feel “ahh… yes everything is alright now”

3. The “Hi it was great meeting you last night” Text

“hi, it’s Christopher, it was great meeting you last night :-)”

This text isn’t as bad as the “I’ve got nothing” text, but it

like “hi how are you” or the I’ve got nothing “what’s up?” text.

The bad part about the “great meeting you last night” text is
that *it’s what every other guy is doing!*

Remember, you have to STAND OUT from the pack, and doing what
everyone else is doing won’t cut it.

When a woman sees this text, she will unconsciously group you
with every other guy she gave her number to who also texted
her “great meeting you last night”

Unless… you send her this text, and ANOTHER specific text right

You see, whenever you send a woman a normal “nice guy” text,
she will group you in the nice guy “zone”. However, there’s
a simple and easy “trick” you can do to twist the nice guy text
into a text that lets a woman know that you are a confident
and funny guy.

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