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Am I In The Friend Zone? Signs You Are Her “Therapist Friend”

If you’re wondering “Am I in the friend zone?” …then read on because I’m going to reveal an easy way to determine if a girl only thinks of you as a friend… or if she actually wants you to make a move and kiss her.

In fact, when a guy is friends with a girl he really likes, he typically falls into the following two situations:

Situation #1:

A girl gives off signs that are MISTAKEN for interest by the guy… and he doesn’t even realize that he is just a friend in her eyes. You need to avoid this situation before you fall too deep into the friend zone and it’s too late.

Situation #2:

A girls sends OBVIOUS signs of interest that the guy MISSES, and because of it, they completely CHICKEN OUT. They fail to make a move… and completely BLOW their chances with the girl.

To illustrate the first type of situation, I’d like to share with you a “yahoo answers” response I recently helped  a dude named Koogan with.

You see, Koogan is in what I call the “Therapist Friend Zone.” You will soon learn what that is, and why you need to AVOID it. 

Now pay close attention —  because, if you are in his same exact situation, my advice will seem very “Counter Intuitive” since it’s NOT what you are expecting.

Question From Koogan on Yahoo Answers:

Am I in the Friend Zone?

I have a new female friend (met her about 1 month and a half ago) and I like her. She has a boyfriend but it’s obvious she doesn’t love him, since she tells me she still likes her ex (but doesn’t want to get back to him). I’ve been really
available to listen to her love problems and advise her but I know this is putting me in the friend zone.

But it’s the only way I have to be close to her, talk in private, etc… What should I do?

– Koogan

My Response:

Hey Koogan, you are in what I call the “therapist friend” zone. The therapist friend is the guy a girl uses to tell her feelings to about exes she misses… and guys she likes… (while complaining of how much of a jerk they are)…

Now the therapist friend sometimes is fooled into thinking they are getting closer to making a girl like them… but in reality they are getting farther away. The therapist friend NEVER gets the girl.

That’s why you need to break out of that therapist friend zone, and start over.

Go no contact for a while, and go do other things for yourself. Things like going out with friends, having fun, and especially, meeting OTHER girls.

It’s freaky weird how vanishing from radar and seeing other girls makes girls who friend zoned you in the past suddenly CHASE you.

It’s like a freaking law of nature.

Why does this happen?

Well,  one reason is that, as you make yourself less available, you become more desirable, and in-turn, more *ATTRACTIVE*

And pretty soon… the girl will start wondering what’s up with you.

She will get a “brain itch” where she starts to think about you, and sometimes… she starts convincing herself that she likes you. This actually happens often… and it’s seriously like MAGIC when it happens.

(If you’re in Koogan’s situation, and you want to escape the friend zone, go here)

If not, you might relate better with Situation #2… where the girl actually likes you, but you BLOW your chance to make a move.

And now I present to you Hector’s situation…

Question From Hector on Yahoo Answers:

Long story short, this girl I’ve talked to since February said she likes me and that she would be my gf but she doesn’t know yet because she’s confused.

Which i understand. I’ve never gone a day without texting her. We talk everyday. I took her out to eat once and she said she had a lot of fun.

She would always tell me she liked me… but then all of a sudden she starts posting pictures of her and some other guy she “likes”.

She hasn’t posted anything but she still texts me. I don’t get why she said if she had the chance to be my girl she would take it but she hasn’t?

She knows I like her a lot. Also, she said that I’m her distraction. What is that supposed to mean? I really wanna know.

And also she was the first to start sending hearts and flirty emojis. But i just wanna know if she still likes me. Sometimes she takes hours to reply also and its really annoying. Thanks!!

– Hector

My Response:

Ok Hector,

I know what’s going on here…

You really like this girl, but never really made a move and just talked to her… for hours and hours, day after day…

And SUDDENLY, she now seems to also like some other guy, and you feel compelled to chase her and figure out whether she still likes you.

I feel ya, it even hurts me reading this… and what hurts even more is knowing all this could have been avoided.

You see, one of the biggest mistakes guys make is to wait for more “proof” that a girl likes them to make a move.

You don’t want to be the “Texting Monkey”that goes on texting her for months and months without actually trying to get her out…

Sure she is clearly interested at first… and you think you’re getting somewhere. She LOLs at the texts you send her… she even sends you texts of the blue asking you how you are… Then days, weeks, months go by playing “Textual Grabass” with her… until her interest fades away and she stops responding like before.

Why? Because you failed to ESCALATE the interaction by making a move.

Hence, it’s better to err on the side of making a move too soon, rather than waiting too long.

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