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Avoiding the Friend Zone – 3 Sneaky Mistakes that Kill You On a Date With a Girl

When you go out with a girl, you want to learn what to do on a date with a girl.

You want to learn how to make that move where you hold her hand, or go for
the kiss.

But before you learn dating skills and “techniques”… you should first learn
to eliminate mistakes that hurt your chances in a date.

There are a couple reasons you should first eliminate your mistakes.

First, there’s an idea I want to put in your head… and that is…

*Eliminating your mistakes is the most EFFECTIVE way to create more

attraction with a girl.*

Second, stopping bad behavior is relatively easier to implement, than learning
new skills. New skills might take a while to learn, practice, and successfully

Whereas… once you have in mind the mistakes to “watch out for”… and you
realize you’re about to make a mistake, you can stop yourself from committing
it INSTANTLY, and you start becoming more attractive in that MOMENT.

Essentially, eliminating mistakes allows you to become more attractive TODAY.

And with that, I’m going to go over them…

3 Needy Mistakes that when you eliminate, it increases a girl’s attraction for you

These are 3 pretty common behaviors that I think we’ve all been guilty of…
in our “dating careers”

The first is… trying too hard.

1. Trying Too Hard

Remember this: “The person who tries hardest, holds the least power”

When a woman holds more power than you, it’s almost impossible
for her to want to have sex with you.

This is because it goes against the “nature” of sexual chemistry… and when
a girl holds more power than you, she can sense it VERY quickly.

An example of this is a situation most guys fall into when talking to a girl.

They are the ones trying too hard to come up with “stuff” to say and talk
about in a conversation. If you’re the one trying too hard, a girl will quickly
sense this.

Playing Chicken

What you want to do to fix this, is to do that Rob Judge calls, “playing chicken.”

This is how you play chicken: Next time you’re in an “awkward” silence,
pretend that you’re playing a game where the person who first breaks the
silence loses the game. Are you with me here?

So instead of feeling panic, and spinning your wheels trying to think of
something to say that breaks the silence… let HER be the first one to gets that
urge to break that silence.

So instead of feeling afraid of the silence… like thinking it’s some sort of vacuum
that sucks attraction… you will sit back… relax… and EMBRACE the silence.

You can even have fun with this… and you can see how this “silence” won’t feel
“awkward” anymore.

Now, the POINT of this, is that you won’t be trying too hard, and she
will be the person who tries harder.

What would happen would be the flip side of before. She will be the
one with the urge to fill up the silence with something… and you
are letting HER be the one who tries harder.

The more this happens, the more the girl starts rationalizing “I’m
trying pretty hard with this guy, so I must like him”

2. Nervous Voice Insecurities

Have you ever felt confident during the course of the night…
maybe at a party… until the girl you really liked showed up at the party…
and you suddenly got a bit nervous and were less talkative?

A similar thing happens when you’re out with a girl on a date… and you
feel kinda nervous and anxious about making the “right impression”

This can affect how your voice comes out… and it can have a BIG impact on
how a girl sees you.

For example, the big problem I’d get is my voice getting lower in volume…
whenever I talked to a girl I had feelings for.

There was a weakening in my assertiveness and people would oftentimes
ask me to speak up.

Another way nervousness can affect your voice is by making your voice go
up a higher pitch.

When it comes out this way, you seem very appeasing and accommodating with

Right now, you obviously can’t hear me, but… If you want to hear examples of
these types of “voices”… Bobby Rio and Rob Judge demonstrate it very well,
(at around the 3:03 mark) in the video below this article.

3. Letting the Woman Take the Lead

The third thing you need to watch out for when you’re out on a date with a girl,
is the mistake of letting the girl lead.

For example, you get in the car and ask her “What radio station do you like?”
And then turning the knob to her station.

I know this may seem very subtle, but doing this at the beginning of a date sets
the tone that she will be the one in control of the interaction.

Another (more obvious) example: You’re about to go out with a girl, and you

ask her “where do you want to go? What are you in the mood for?”

This is a BIG mistake, because you’re putting the ball in her court, and making
HER make the decision.

This then sets a PRECEDENT… that she is the one who takes the lead in the
interaction dynamic… and once she senses that she’s in the masculine role…
and not YOU… the MAN… her attraction for you PLUMMETS.

It is a one-way ticket to the friend zone.

The fix for this… is to say “let’s go here” or… “we’re going here”…

The fix is to get in the car and play the music you like… without even asking.

If you like rap, get in the car, put on the rap, and get REALLY into it!

It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like the music… what matters is that you show
her YOUR PERSONALITY and you two create chemistry, and sexual tension.

The masculine-feminine interaction between you two is what will MATTER the
most, not the details of the music you like, or where you two go.

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