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Being a Man on Your Purpose

One of the qualities that make women fantasize about being your girlfriend is being a man on your purpose.

When you are on your purpose…

1) you possess a strong CORE masculinity that women “detect” in you instantly.


2) You become “immune” to situations that would normally give you bullshit “little boy” feelings and insecurities.

In other words, purpose is like an anchor. A GROUNDING rock of support that stabilizes you. You aren’t easily shaken as a man.

I will soon explain how to find a purpose to achieve this for yourself, but first, let’s talk about what happens when you don’t have a purpose.

If You Don’t Have a Purpose, You Easily Catch WUSSY, “Little Boy” Feelings

When you lack a purpose, you easily get the bullshit “little boy” feelings that usually accompany women and dating.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all experienced these “little boy” feelings at some point or another in our “dating careers.” Over and over again, these “little boy” feelings pop up during our lives… turning us into WUSSIES and ruining potential relationships with amazing women we deeply care about.

One second, you think everything is fine… but then, the “little boy” feelings knock you “out of balance” and make you lose control as a man.

Worst of all, these feelings make you do WEAK “little boy” behaviors that make women quickly lose attraction for you.

Behaviors like…

  • Giving your away your masculine power in order to please her
  • Being the needy boyfriend who always has to “check in” with her
  • Easily getting jealous when she mentions other men
  • Being constantly fearful of losing her
  • Sacrificing your purpose and compromising your principles in order to avoid losing her
  • Other behaviors listed in this “7 Dangerous Mistakes” eBook

All of these behaviors WEAKEN you in a woman’s eyes.

However, when you have a clear purpose in life, it’s much harder to catch these feelings, and the unattractive “little boy” behaviors go away.

Imagine it Like This…

There are two large spheres in the vast emptiness of space. One is the “bullshit” sphere and another is the “purpose” sphere.

Now imagine yourself going through life. You are like a little astronaut flying through space.

If you don’t have a purpose… the giant bullshit sphere is going to suck you in.

What will it do?

Well if there’s a girl you’re involved with, you will be at risk for catching bullshit “little boy” feelings and becoming a WUSSY.

  • You will always wonder where you stand with her…
  • If she mentions another guy, you will easily get jealous and worry about losing her to the other guy…
  • There will always be this “white noise” of fear in the back of your mind…

However, if you have a solid purpose sphere in your life… it keeps you GROUNDED.

The external forces of gravity coming from the “bullshit” sphere won’t affect you.

You might still feel some of the bullshit, but it will be a faint insignificant background noise instead of an overwhelming force that puts you out of balance.

That’s why it’s so important to have a purpose.


Are you grounded on your path… or are you oriented to what the woman is doing? Be a man on your purpose, and stay on your path regardless of what the woman is doing. Weather the storm of external stimuli and emotions that try to take you off your path. Find that inner part of you that allows you to stick to your purpose and follow your path.


How to Find Your Masculine Purpose

What is your purpose? What vision do you have that you see yourself doing in the future?

For me, that purpose is learning to understand and get better with women. And learning to coach other men around the world to get better as well.

These days, your purpose can be almost anything… as long as you’re passionate about it.

You don’t know what your purpose is? Go out and try new things.

Go sign up for a couple classes. Go read random books. Go sit through Wikipedia articles.

Go do that. It may take a while. Eventually it may take weeks or months…

But one day you’ll wake up and you may not want to do anything else but that one thing.

It will be the driving force that gets you to wake up in the morning. Something that you really love doing… something that you don’t consider “work”.

And once you know you are on your journey, you won’t be distracted as much by negative feelings like getting worried about one girl.

That is the benefit of being a man on your purpose.

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