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Best Topics For Conversation With a Girl – 6 Magic Ingredients For a Great Topic

If you want the scoop on the best topics for conversation with a girl, you’ll want to read this article.

You see, I had a chance to interview Bobby Rio (creator of the conversation mastery  program “Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy”)

Now you’ve probably heard of “Make Small Talk Sexy” — because it’s immensely popular…

But if you haven’t, you need to know that “Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy” not only teaches how to never run out of things to say with women but the training course teaches you how to transform “dull and boring” conversations into “fun and flirty” conversations that create attraction.

And the way to do this, is to…

Keep Away From the WRONG Topics For Conversation, and to Instead Use the RIGHT Topics for Conversation With a Girl

With this in mind, I asked Bobby to spill the beans on the best topics for conversation with a girl.

In other words, he revealed the specific type of topics that he discovered to easily convert boring, nice guy conversations into fun and flirty conversations that create attraction in a girl.

Why the Focus On “Small Talk?”

Well here’s the thing: It wasn’t until Bobby mastered “small talk” that he began to have AMAZING success with women on a consistent basis.

The funny thing is that… almost no one tells you to get good at small talk… and in fact, they say just the opposite… most people tell you to AVOID small talk.

But Bobby went around for YEARS avoiding small talk, and his conversations with women went NOWHERE.

You see, Bobby is a naturally introverted guy (just like me) and the main reason he struggled for so long was because he didn’t “get” the basic principles that make up an attractive conversation… and he didn’t get the attraction building techniques that flow out of those principles.

The Huge “AHA”

As Bobby went around learning how to create attraction in his conversations, he had a big realization…

He realized that in order to have a conversation that you “inject” with attraction building techniques…

You Need the Ability to Keep a Conversation Going!

Now “Make Small Talk Sexy” doesn’t describe “small talk” the same way you are used to thinking about it.

Instead, this course is about taking the boring, mundane “small talk” the mainstream talks about and turning it into flirty and attractive “small talk.”

And whether you are able to do this depends on you having a steady stream of topics in your consciousness ready to fire at will.

Because, as Bobby discovered, the number one fear that holds men back from walking up to and talking to a woman is…

The Fear of Running Out of Things to Say…

Let’s face it… if you don’t know what to say, you’ll either

A) Run smack into an awkward silence


B) Go into “interview mode” with the girl and bore her with the type of questions every other guy asks

But if you have access to a “game-plan” of topics… you will be more “quick witted” and your fear of running out of things to say will shrivel up and die.

Which gives you the confidence to chat up any woman, anywhere, anytime.

Now here’s one undeniable fact about conversation topics…

Not All Topics Are Created Equal

In fact, most will just bore her silly.

She doesn’t want to hear about your job…

She doesn’t care about how long you’ve lived in your current city…

And if one more guy asks her “come here often?” She will probably scream.

So now we ask… what are the topics that she DOES want to talk about.

Most importantly… what are the topics that lead to your ultimate desired
outcome of ATTRACTION?

Here Are 6 Main Traits the Best Topics Contain

Bobby discovered that the best topics for conversation with a girl are topics that…

1. Build Rapport
2. Create an Emotional State
3. Make You Three Dimensional
4. Provide Hooks to Keep a Conversation Going
5. Allow You to Display Your Attractive Qualities
6. Lead to Sexuality

Based on these 6 traits… Bobby discovered 12 almost MAGICAL topics that make sure your conversations with women “pop” with attraction.

Remember, the key is to have a handful of go-to topics so that you don’t get stuck on just one topic and run into an awkward silence.

Having access to these 12 topics help you avoid hitting conversation “dead-ends” so that your conversations with women flow smoothly.

All 12 of these topics are laid down in this absolutely FREE “conversation training” report that you can get right here.


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