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Frustrated When She Doesn’t Text Back? – Here’s the #1 Texting Mistake You Need to Avoid

One of the biggest texting frustrations is when a girl goes DEAD COLD on you and stops texting you back.

In fact, when she doesn’t text back is almost worse than getting rejected. When you get rejected you at least have CERTAINTY and you know what to do.

You can move on and you know the next move…

But when she goes cold on you over text, you just don’t know what to do. You are left confused scratching your head.

So let’s make sure we stop that from happening, ok?

In particular, there is 1 texting mistake that you might be making that is leading to this situation… a situation that used to happen to me all the time.

(Also, here I reveal 3 hook texts that get her to text you back)

My Experience With This Texting Mistake

If you’re frustrated when she doesn’t text back, I can relate.

Thinking back several years ago… I can still remember texting Diana. Things started off great. I got into these marathon texting back and forth conversations with her.

And the responses she gave me made me feel like I was on the right track to getting her.

We got to know each other well, she lol-ed at my texts, and she would even text me first.

I felt like we had forged a strong connection!

So what did I do? I proceeded to text her for days, weeks, and MONTHS of building this connection.

Until one week… Her responses started to fizzle out.

Her texts became shorter and shorter… she started sending me boring, emotionless one-word responses… and she stopped reacting to my texts like before.

She Went Cold!

To add to it, I didn’t know why she was acting this way… so it was all VERY CONFUSING.

Whenever I tried to go back to how things were before to have the old text conversations of before.


Even my friends started asking me “so what ever happened to that girl you were talking to?”

…and I had nothing.

It was all very frustrating.

Of course, now several years later, I know EXACTLY what happened.

I was making the same newbie mistake almost all guys make when getting stuck on a girl…

Confusing Her Responses For Attraction

If you confuse a girl’s responses for attraction, you are heading straight for a TRAP.

You see, it’s very tempting to think that the more a girl texts you back, the closer you are to making her “like” you.

And if you think this way, it would be logical for you to do what I did: You’d try to text the girl as much as possible and get into longer and longer text conversations.

Because you’d mistakenly think that the more you texted, the closer you were to getting her out on a date or even seducing her.

But Unfortunately… the OPPOSITE is true: The more you spend texting her without getting her out, the more you destroy your chances of actually getting her out on a date and making her like you.

And if she’s a hot girl… this is ESPECIALLY true.

If she is a beautiful girl, you can bet she has TONS of other men texting her and vying for her attention.

You’ve got competition, dude.

If she realizes you aren’t going to “make things happen” she will find a guy who WILL… and you will be left alone bummed when she doesn’t text back.

In fact…

There is a Window of Opportunity to Making Things Happen With a Girl

You see, when a guy waits and waits, and things don’t get “physical”, the woman rationalizes that there must not be chemistry, and he’s not “the one”– otherwise it would have happened already.

Which is why it’s such a HUGE mistake to sit around waiting for more proof that a girl likes you before going for the meetup.  You need to get her out and escalate things to the next level before your window of opportunity closes shut!

Otherwise, you will be left frustrated when she doesn’t text back and gives up on you.

When she doesn't text back

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