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Getting Desperate When a Girl Ignores Your Texts

Are you struggling with a girl who seemed to lose interest, fizzle out, or GO ABSOLUTELY COLD after just a few texts?

The reason is you’re probably making one or more of these 7 texting mistakes without realizing it.

So whatever you do, don’t send another text until you read the 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes Report (it’s free)

Today we’re going to talk about freaking out and acting like a woman when a girl doesn’t text you back.

Hint: Don’t do it!

Getting desperate when a girl ignores your texts is one of the most unmanly, attraction-killing behaviors you can do.

Let’s begin with the question.


My girl didn’t text back?!?!?

Ok, so this is 4th day she is not responding, I don’t know what to do,

She was camping last week, and she came back home on Friday. And that’s when she stopped texting me.

I asked one of her friends and she said everything was fine… but I don’t understand whats going on.

I sent her 5 messages on Facebook and 4 on her phone, and no response.

I asked her out today, but no response.

I cant sleep at night, I cant make myself go to bed until I know she’s ok. I got pulled over 4 times because I wasn’t concentrated on the road. What do I do?? Should I keep texting her???? Thanks for your answer!

– Tim

>>>My Comments

Tim, you may want to sit down for this… hold on to something tight, because I’m going to yell at you for your own good… YOU ARE ACTING LIKE THE BIGGEST WUSSY EVER.

Come on, man… what are you doing? If you were closer, I’d slap you myself.

Ok, now that we got the tough love part out of the way, here’s what you need to do to fix your mistakes so that this never happens again.

If you want the slightest chance of getting this girl to like you you have to first…

Fix #1: Stop Texting This Girl IMMEDIATELY

You have already sent her messages from all directions, and this desperate behavior has made you look WEAK.

Instead of bombarding her phone with a volley of texts wondering why she hasn’t texted you back… wait for her to get in touch with you. Alright?

If you keep pursuing, you will only make sure 100% that she never ever goes out with you.

Now all of this would have never happened if you valued yourself. That’s why the following “fix” to your dating life is to…

Fix #2: Give Yourself the Value You DESERVE

A DEEP “inner game” weakness a lot of men have that causes them to “wussy out” and get clingy with a woman is that they don’t put enough value on themselves.

If you find yourself getting desperate when a girl ignores your texts, then you really need to work on your self-respect and start standing up for yourself.

Let me ask you this question: When a girl doesn’t even bother to respond back after your ask her out… what does it tell you? It means that she probably didn’t have any feelings of attraction towards you at that time.

And now here’s the thing: Dating is like a game of tennis. You hit the ball over the net, and the woman hits it back.

When you hit the ball over the net and she doesn’t hit it back… you can’t just keep hitting balls over the net pummeling her with balls.

No, you have to wait for her to hit the ball back.

Once she reciprocates, you can continue your course of action and make a date. If she doesn’t reciprocate, let it be. And it doesn’t really matter… because you deserve to have people in your life who WANT you in THEIR lives.

However, you demean yourself when you keep chasing after a girl who doesn’t reciprocate. You show her that you value her way more than you should… and way more than you value yourself. She is the princess on a pedestal, and you’re dog poop on the ground.

Stop treating yourself like this.

If you can’t respect yourself, how do you expect a woman to respect you?

And guess what, if a woman doesn’t respect you, she can’t EVER love you. It’s impossible.

If stand up for yourself, not only do you instantly stop getting desperate when a girl ignores your texts, but you also eliminate all the other subtle weak behaviors that cause girls to reject you.

If you value yourself, you also will do whatever it takes to learn the SKILLS you need to succeed.

Which leads us to fix #3.

Fix #3: Learn the Skills You Need to Make Women Feel Attraction

A girl was ignoring your texts, you got desperate, and this led to you finding my work. Good job, you’re now one step closer to learning exactly what it takes to attract women over text.

Before you gain the skills you need to succeed, it’s even more important to learn the mistakes that make you fail.

This free report reveals the 7 deadly texting mistakes that cause men to fail with women after getting their number… and what to do instead.

It happens over and over again… women who at first give you interest suddenly start acting COLD towards you when you make any of these 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes.

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