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Girlfriend Dumped Me Out of The Blue

So your girlfriend dumped you by surprise, huh?

It can be pretty devastating when your girlfriend just dumps you out of the blue.

You’re shocked, in pain, and looking for solutions to reverse the split.

If you’re googling the words “my girlfriend dumped me out of the blue”… then you probably want a clear plan that will give you hope to restore things to how they were. Something that gives you the comfort that everything will be just fine. Something that gives you HOPE and RELIEF.

That’s what I hope to give you in this article.

In this article, you will learn…

  • why women lose feelings for you
  • how you can get those feelings back
  • a big mistake that stops you from getting your girlfriend back

Let’s begin with  the “nature” of attraction, and how attraction actually works. (it’s not what most people think).

You see, men often think that attraction is forever, or that lack of attraction from a girl is permanent.


Attraction Isn’t Black or White

How can a girl act so sweet and loving at one point, yet a few weeks later act so cold and indifferent towards you?

The answer has to do with the mechanism happening inside her head that makes her feel attracted and un-attracted to you.

One thing I’ve learned over the past several years is that attraction isn’t “black or white.”

In other words… attraction isn’t “set in stone.” Attraction can change… and that’s because emotions aren’t permanently set. No, they are in THE MOMENT RIGHT NOW.

When your girlfriend said “I love you” it meant “I love you… right now.” It was valid ONLY at the time she said it.

And now when she says “I don’t feel the same way about you, let’s just be friends” it means “I don’t have feelings for you… RIGHT NOW.”

And this is great news for you.

Because it means that you can re-attract her if you just know how to spark certain emotions.

She can go from “I don’t feel the same way, we need a break” to texting you and calling you eager to meet up with you because she’s catching feelings for you again.

How Do You Get Her Feeling Attraction Again?

Whether you re-attract your ex girlfriend, or whether you lose her forever… it all comes down to one thing: The behaviors that you do.

If you execute the right behaviors, you can make her have feelings attraction for you again.

You see, there is something you did in the past to make her feel very attracted to you. You had a certain attitude… a “state of mind”… and this TRIGGERED feelings of attraction in her — so much that it made her want to be your girlfriend.

But then… mistakes you did over time chipped away at that attraction she had for you… without you even realizing it.

In fact, you were so oblivious to these mistakes that her attraction evaporated before your eyes without you noticing, and it’s why you’re now saying “girlfriend dumped me out of the blue!” after the breakup hit you by surprise.

I am willing to bet that you are still doing these attraction-killing mistakes… and it’s COMPLETELY STOPPING your ex girlfriend from falling in love with you again.

Mistakes like…

  • Not standing up for yourself
  • Not being clear with what you want
  • Not acting like a man
  • Acting desperate when she broke up with you (if you acted weak when she broke up with you, you probably dug yourself farther into the hole.)
  • Agreeing to be “just friends” when she broke up with you (This is mistake #3 in the Free eBook called “7 Dangerous Mistakes that stop you from getting your ex girlfriend back”)

WHOA! “agreeing to be just friends” is a bad idea?

Yes, and I’ll explain why.

Your girlfriend decides to break up with you but she says you can still be friends, you are shocked, you don’t want just friends? What do you do?

The big mistake so many guys make and that I’ve made oh so many times in my life is agreeing to be just friends.


Why? Because it’s not what you want and you have to stand up for yourself.

Most guys try to remain friends, not because they actually want to be friends, but because if they can linger in her life they could somehow sneak their way into attracting her again.

But that only puts you in a position to SUFFER.

I mean, do you really want to drown in her friend zone as she tells you all about the new guy she is seeing? I don’t think so.

Once you realize that it’s not working and she keeps treating you only as her friend, you will become impatient that you want what you can’t have.

That’s why when a woman decides to break your relationship and change it to a “just friends” relationship, the strong negotiating position you should take is to not accept being just friends, and to leave the door open by telling her to let you know if she changes her mind.

I address this in mistake #3 of the “7 Dangerous Mistakes That Stop You From Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back” Free eBook.

When men google search “girlfriend dumped me out of the blue”… it means their break up hit them by surprise and they have no clue how attraction works. If you’re serious about getting your ex girlfriend back, you REALLY need to “get” how attraction gets triggered in women.

That’s why I wrote the “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back” Free eBook guide — to help confused men understand why their girlfriends broke up with them.

It’s also a solid education on how to make an ex girlfriend fall in love with you again. So if you’re  serious about getting your ex girlfriend back, reading my eBook is your ideal first step.

what to do when your girlfriend dumps you out of the blue

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