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Heartbroken – What to do When a Girl Breaks Your Heart

So she broke your heart and you feel bad.

Now what? How do you recover?

Play your cards right, and in a few months from now, she’ll sense you are different…

She’ll notice you have changed, because you’re not needy like before.

Also, all these women are now eagerly trying to catch your attention.

This makes her wonder what’s up with you, so she reaches out through text…

…Which allows you to easily plan a date with her and get back what you had before.

Rewind that.

You are still in step number one.

You’re in pain, angry, and confused.

Why did she lose attraction for you?

Here’s the deal: A girl who rejected you doesn’t respect you anymore.

Chances are, you acted needy and insecure… and that eroded her attraction for you.

She seemed interested at first, which is great. It means you attracted her at the beginning.

Unfortunately, her interest soon fizzled out, because you did SOMETHING
that made her lose interest.

If you’re going to come back from this, you first have to fix those mistakes.

Once you know WHAT you did, and you know HOW to fix it, you’ll be able to
change your behavior to a manner that allows you to trigger attraction in the
girl again.

4 Newbie Mistakes That Lead to Heartbreak

Let’s go over a number of “Newbie” mistakes that murder attraction with women.

Pay close attention to the following list of mistakes, these are things men do all the time, but it’s so subtle that they don’t notice.

Are you unknowingly making any of these and stopping a girl from feeling attraction for you?

Mistake #1: Being Too Much of a Nice Guy

  • Putting her on a pedestal and fooling yourself into thinking she’s better than what she actually is
  • Supplicating behavior: Treating her like she’s more important than you
  • “Woman pleaser” behavior: Doing anything to please her, to avoid conflict, and making sure you have her approval
  • Walking on egg shells to avoid offending her

Mistake #2: Trying to be Her Boyfriend Way Too Soon

  • Making her think you want to be her boyfriend
  • Acting like you want to be in a serious relationship
  • Doing behaviors that suggest you are “in love” with her
  • Sending her flowers, buying her gifts
  • Acting “possessive”
  • “Checking in” on her every day to see what she’s doing
  • Sending “good night”/”good morning” texts every day
  • Pretending to not want sex with her too soon, and waiting

Mistake #3: Being Afraid to Suggest That You Want to Be Her Lover

  • Not understanding that women LOVE sex, and they want to have it but…
  • Women don’t want to be shamed for wanting sex, so they have an “anti-slut” defense, and often use “plausible deniability” to lower the risk of getting “slut-shamed”
  • Being afraid to express that you want fun and sex early on

Mistake #4: Thinking “She’s Not That Kind of Girl” and “Special”

When you’re new to dating, it’s easy to fall into the trap of idealizing the girl and treating her like she’s some sort of virgin princess on a pedestal.

Whenever you hear “she’s not that kind of girl” it usually comes from someone under the influence of “oneitis” who’s idealizing the girl too much.

We act crazy when we get this scarcity, because the perception we have of the girl in our mind isn’t even REAL anymore.

If you’re reading this, chances are you committed at least one of these mistakes. If you did, you must be wondering what to do when a girl breaks your heart.

How to Move On After a Girl Breaks Your Heart

Maybe this is the first time you got your heart broken this badly. You probably feel like it’s the end of the world right now.

However, this is something that had to happen for you to EVOLVE.

Because here’s the thing: When you act weak with women, the universe gives you a kick in the butt that you don’t soon forget… and this CRUSHES you… it puts you in deep PAIN.

But this pain is what DRIVES you to shed off that insecure and inexperienced “little boy” you have inside of you.,.

And If used right, this pain will guide you on an “action-taking” path that helps you forge a powerful in-control confidence women can instantly FEEL.

This is why you should treat this heartbreak as a *GIFT*, not as a curse.

Use Your Pain as Emotional Leverage to Take Massive Action

Most men lack motivation to massively change their lives, until they get deeply hurt, and suddenly they feel the need to do something about it.

Take advantage of the pain you’re in by using it as motivation to go out and approach lots and lots of women.

Why? Because getting into tons of interactions with women  is the quickest way to becoming the ultimate man who attracts women.

Tony Robbins says it best: “The path to success is MASSIVE determined action.”

Another thing…

Take Action and Move Rapidly Through the Failures

Each failure takes you one step closer to success.

It sounds simple, the faster you go through the failures, the faster you reach success. But to actually do it takes courage, because you have to get out there and WILL yourself out of your comfort zone.

Because here’s the bottom line: Evolution can only happen outside of your comfort zone. 

Make sure you write that down on a post-it note and stick it on your mirror so you see it every morning when you wake up.

Start Your Path Now, While the Pain is Still Fresh in Your Mind

The more time you waste lying in bed being sad about the girl you lost, the more you time you could have spent meeting new women.

Look, I get it. There’s a strong resistance to approaching women in public. It takes guts to walk up to a pretty girl you’ve never met and strike a conversation.

However… you have NO OTHER CHOICE.

If you do nothing and stay home sulking about the girl who broke your heart, you won’t progress.

You will remain a CHOAD… and I guarantee the pain of being stuck at “mediocre” will exceed that resistance of approaching a girl.

Will you fail again? Definitely. But you will do better than last time. Because now you know ten times more than you did last year.

The sad truth is that most men NEVER learn to attract the woman of their dreams.

They spend most of their lives feeling frustrated that they can’t attract the kind of woman that they want.

If you’re a guy who can’t stand the thought of wasting another holiday… another work week… maybe even another SEVERAL YEARS trapped in “failure mode,” you need to know there’s only 1 way to break this vicious cycle.

You need to eliminate the tidal wave of crippling FEARS and INSECURITIES
that are constantly holding you back in life and love.

And this is it… simply the most powerful, success-proven way to do it

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