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How Pre-Selection With Women Works to Get You Laid

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Learn the “Scrambler” here (learn the specific steps to get a girl to chase you)

Above is a very “eye-opening” video from Bobby Rio and Rob Judge that talks about how pre-selection with women works to get you laid.

Below is a detailed summary of the material in the video.

It’s all about how to use the power of pre-selection to give off the “I get laid vibe” and get women to instinctively feel attraction for you.

What is Pre-Selection?

Pre-selection is the idea that women feel attracted to men they think are wanted by other women.

When you have pre-selection with women, it can be very powerful.

You might have noticed this when you had a girlfriend. The minute you get a girlfriend… it seems that every girl suddenly now flirts with you. Even your girlfriend’s friends are kinda hitting on you. When you’re at a bar all the girls there are all of a sudden checking you out!


See, when you are on a slump, girls attracted to you are nowhere to be found, but the second you have a girlfriend, you immediately notice all these girls giving you the flirty look.

Why Does This Happen?

Well the reason for this is that girls instinctively judge your attractiveness by the way they think other girls view you.

In other words, if a girl thinks other girls are fighting for you, you become ten times more attractive to her.

As guys, we experience this when we see a pretty girl dating an ugly guy. Whenever we see a not so physically attractive guy with a hot girl… we wonder, “How did he get her?” We conclude he must have REALLY good game.

Girls are the same way. Girls assume a guy wanted by other girls must have good game.

The good news for you is that when women meet you… they are notoriously bad at figuring out if you REALLY do get a lot of girls, or if you suck.

You see, women at first can only make a guess based on the superficial signals you give off.

This means you can use pre-selection with women to your advantage… even if you don’t get laid right now!

How? By giving off “I get laid” signals that cause women to become attracted to you.

However, the bad news is that most guy give off “I don’t get girls” signals. Instead, they project that they are desperately “hungry” to have a pretty girl in their lives. Their behavior doesn’t “say” to a girl that he’s being pre-selected by other girls.

Ways Men Give Off “I’m Not Pre-Selected By Women” Signals

Social Media

Take Facebook. There’s always that guy who waits for girls to put a picture on her Facebook status or on her Instagram so he can comment on them.

This guy always communicates one thing:

“I have nothing better to do than to sit in front of my computer, and wait to see if I can start some form of communication with you.”

Don’t be THAT guy.

Texting Behavior

Another example is when you text girls too much, send long texts, and text back and forth too much.

If the the girl feels: “This guy is just sitting around waiting for me to text him… and as soon as I show some sort of interest, he JUMPS all over me”…

…it only communicates one thing: You probably don’t have many women in your life.

It sends the signal that you are not “in demand”… that she’s the ONLY thing you’ve got going on for you right now.

A lot of times I get an email that goes like this:

“This girl was really into me. We hit it off and had a couple great dates…
but all of a sudden, she got cold, and disappeared like she lost interest.:

The reason for this, is that, girls are into guys that they believe other girls are into. And so a girl will test you unconsciously.

A girl will make herself completely available to you. She will be wanting to hang out all of a sudden…. And this gets your excited.

It’s like, “man this girl must really want me, she wants to hang out with me 4 nights in a row!..And if she wants to hang out with me, why should I not hang out with her?”

The problem is that, by hanging out with her 4 nights in a row, it makes her think: “Man he jumped on this a little too fast. I won him over a little too fast” (this is the little gut feeling she gets)

She gets this little feeling that you were a little too “easy”… because when you are a guy in demand… you’re not ready to commit to a girl this fast.

In contrast, a guy who gets a lot of girls is not won over too fast.

If you’ve got a friend who gets laid a lot, he’s not won over that fast.

If you’re the type of guy who gets laid a lot, you’re not won over fast, you’re not willing to commit to a girl too soon.

A few years ago, if a cute girl would pay me attention, and show me interest, I would instantly be ready to be her boyfriend.

But after learning this stuff, now it’s like, it takes me weeks or even months, of dating a girl to make me decide to be her boyfriend.

Because now I have choice.

And girls realize that when you’re willing to throw your hand too soon and say “ok I’ll be your boyfriend”… it means you DON’T have choice.

What’s interesting is, as I said earlier, you’re wondering, “why are all these girls coming out of the woodwork for me when I have a girlfriend?”

A few years back, I had something really interesting happen.

I talked to a girl that I wound up dating. And I’ve known her, I’ve seen around parties probably months earlier when I was dating somebody else.

The girl I was dating wasn’t even around at the time (she was long distance).

So when this girl saw me, I wasn’t with my girlfriend… so she had no way of knowing that I was dating anybody.

And she goes to me: I was always so attracted to you because whenever you were out when I saw you at this party, all the other guys had the “I’m trying to hook up” vibe, and you had the like “I’m just here with my friends having a good time vibe” and she goes, and then I found out you had a girlfriend and it made sense.

But what kinda struck me is, giving off the I get laid vibe. You can do it without having that hot girl there.

There’s things that you can do to give off the I get laid vibe.

You can give the “I get laid vibe” without actually having the hot girl there!

And this brings us to the phone tip.

The Phone Tip

Here’s some “easy-to-do” advice Rob Judge gives to his coaching students . It’s a simple tip to help you give off the “I get laid” vibe. Whenever you’re texting that girl you really like, and you don’t want to come off needy do this…

When you text her, turn your phone to silent, put it in your back pocket, and make a promise to yourself that you’re not going to check your phone for an hour, or two hours. Or give yourself a time limit.

Yeah she might not “know” that you’re checking your phone every three seconds, but she will sense it from the”vibe” you are giving off. It’s a very subtle thing. Women have a radar for this.

What Would the “Dos Equis” Guy Do?

Think of that friend you have who’s very good with women. Or even James Bond or the Dos Equis guy.

Can you picture the Dos Equis guy continually checking his phone “did she text me back yet??”I don’t think so!

So put your phone on silent.

The other thing that happens when you’re constantly checking your phone,  when you’re constantly thinking about her, and when constantly re-enforcing  to your brain how much you like her… you’re putting yourself in something we call…

“Emotional Quicksand”

This is where the needy behavior comes from.

This is where that hunger of wanting the girl SO BAD comes from.

It comes from the fact that you’re constantly in this emotional quicksand where you’re putting yourself in that position where you’re depending on her for her approval, for her affection, for her interest.

But putting your phone on silent and not checking it for a while will help you avoid the “emotional quicksand”and it will help you give off the “I get laid” vibe.

Girls just know when you’re sitting by the phone, they can just SENSE it.

But here’s another thing. If you’re out at a party and you’re pulling your phone
out and checking it… every girl who’s checking you out sees you do that.

She sees you checking your phone, putting it away, she sees that you’ve got that “waiting for something to come and make my day better” vibe as opposed to the “I’m out here having fun with my friends, and flirting with girls” vibe… which makes you look A LOT more attractive.

Sneaky Ways to Give Off the “I Get Laid” Vibe

Now there are some interesting ways you can suggest you’re that “pre-selected” man who gives off the “I get laid” vibe.

There are some “sneaky” things you can do.

Me and my friends would create these fake Facebook and Myspace profiles. Like we would go out on a Friday night…. and afterwards  on Saturday morning we would leave comments from a girl saying “great times last night, we gotta hang out again soon”…

And then we would get the girls we were REALLY going for. The girls in our social circle, from work, or from class… they would see all these girls on our profile. Now this is something I would be careful with… but it was really freaking effective.

You might ask “what do I do to have success with women?”…but in reality, it’s more of a “game” of what NOT to do.

For example.  A lot of people think that to get a girl chasing you, you have to DO all these “things”… but in reality it’s a matter of ELIMINATION. It’s a matter of eliminating certain things that make you look needy.

For instance, if a girl shows a lot of interest in you, just taking a step back makes her chase you.  Which brings us to the “Cat String Theory”…

How to Project That You Get Laid and Have Lots of Options? Use The Cat String Theory

There’s something we call the “cat the string” theory.

We put a video together for you that teaches you this idea.

The idea is that women are like a cat chasing a piece of string… and when you dangle that string in front of her… not letting her have it… she’s going to keep chasing you.

The minute she gets the string, she gets bored and says “that was really easy to catch, he must not get laid a lot, I must be a big prize for him”…  and women NEVER want to be the prize, they want YOU to be the prize.

In this video, you will learn…

  • The “Cat and String” Theory
  • How to position yourself as the prize
  • How to take her off the pedestal, and put yourself up there so she’s the one CHASING you
  • The 4 things that you do to make her chase you
  • A sneaky little mind game called “The Scrambler”

Watch the video here (and learn how to make her chase you)


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