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How to Create Attraction With a Girl You Like

She’s friendly, she’s beautiful, she laughs at your jokes.

She’s great friends with you… but you really want to take it to another level… you want to be MORE than friends.

How do you make this happen?

How do you make her start to see you differently?

And how do you create attraction with a girl such that she associates you as someone she can get romantic or sexual with?

As you embark on a journey to figure out precisely how to create attraction with a girl you like… you become a detective.

You analyze the last conversations you had with her… and you start scavenging for some kind of PROOF that she likes you.

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When I first started my journey of learning how to make a woman feel attraction for me… I ran into a huge road block – the things I was trying out weren’t working.

And soon I realized that I was making a huge mistake.

You see, this mistake deals with the way you “think” about attraction… and I’m going to reveal it to you.

If you want to start creating more attraction today, you need to avoid this mistake AT ALL COSTS.

The Big Mistake

Here’s why most men NEVER figure out how to create attraction with a girl they like:

The big mistake men make is that they treat attraction LOGICALLY.

You see, men often think of the qualities that get them attracted to girls… and then they assume they can use the same qualities to attract a girl!

What’s worse, most men try to “convince” women of the qualities they have by appealing to her logical mind.

They think that if a girl logically thinks of the qualities he has, she will make a choice with her logical brain to start liking him.

But it’s DEAD wrong.

And it’s all because of this undisputable attraction fact…

Attraction is Not a Choice

As David DeAngelo likes to say… “Attraction is not a choice.”

You see, attraction is not something a girl “decides” to have for you…

It is something that can only be TRIGGERED with the combination of your body language, tone of voice, character — the whole package that a girl sees of you.

When you really get turned on by a hot girl, your reaction is a natural automatic response to your perception of this girl… you don’t have a choice in the matter.

It’s not like you write down her qualities in a list and then decide whether to like her or not…

Instead, you immediately process the shape of her body… the way she’s dressed… the roundness of her butt and breasts… the sound of her voice…

…and BOOM, you’re instantly turned on like a light switch.



Next time you interact with the girl you like, you can instantly trigger attraction in her and “turn her on” just like a light switch… whether she wants to feel it or not!

But only if you do the rights things…

So how to create attraction with a girl you like? Here’s the first step…

Your Ideal First Step to Create Attraction With That Girl You Like

In this video, David D. reveals how to create more attraction with that hard to get girl you’re thinking about.

Inside, you will learn the exact steps and specific directions that help you become more successful with women and dating.

The best part is that you don’t have to be rich or handsome to do it… because when a woman feels attraction for you, she can’t control it…. and when those feelings are going through her body, she certainly won’t pause to think how much of  “pretty boy” you are.

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