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How to Create Chemistry With a Girl Over Text By Using Masculine Communication

If you want women to sit up, take notice, and feel a strong spark of attraction when they get texts from you, then you need to start taking control of the chemistry.

Now before I show you how to create chemistry with a girl over text, let’s go over what exactly “chemistry” is… and what creates it.

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is something you make a woman feel when you interact and communicate with her in a very specific way.

It isn’t something she chooses to have with you. It is something that gets TRIGGERED, and then she FEELS it.

So Frankie… how do you communicate in a way that that creates chemistry?

You Create Chemistry By Exhibiting “Masculine Communication.”

You see, chemistry between a man and a woman gets sparked when they interact in a man-to-woman fashion.

As the man acts “masculine” and the woman acts “feminine”… the man literally feels the chemistry when the woman is feminine with him while the woman feels the chemistry when the man is masculine with her.

It’s an exchange of energy that can happen when they both “get it.” But that isn’t always the case…

In fact, most communication between men and women aren’t actually man-to-woman… and they lack chemistry. Why do they lack chemistry?

Interactions Lack Chemistry When There is no Masculine-Feminine Polarity

When an interaction lacks that man-to-woman dynamic… it lacks sexual chemistry.

An example of an interaction lacking in chemistry is when you communicate friend-to-friend. It’s when you act too much like an accommodating “nice guy”, or when you act like her gay best friend talking to her about her problems.

These interactions lack chemistry because instead of masculine communication, you are engaging in FEMININE communication.

You are talking to her as if you were one of her girlfriends… and communicating woman-to-woman doesn’t result in chemistry.

If a woman ever says “I just don’t feel it” or… “I just think of you as a friend” then she probably doesn’t feel that man-to-woman chemistry with you.

So if you’ve been communicating with too much “feminine” communication, it’s time to begin exhibiting masculine communication. Cool?

Now let’s go over how to practice it.

The Best Place to Practice Using Masculine Communication is Through Text

There’s no easier place to practice your masculine communication than when interacting with a woman through text.

Here’s why.

With face-to-face interactions you run into approach anxiety and having to be quick-on-your-feet in mid-conversation. There’s a lot of courage involved.

But text interactions lack the usual things that psychologically hold you back from taking action. With texting, you can strip down the interaction without worrying about your voice tone or body language. You can sit down… take your time… and practice crafting the perfect text that aims to spark chemistry.

As you can see, texting functions as TRAINING WHEELS you can use to hone the skill of masculine communication.

How cool is that?

Okay, now that we’ve gone over the basics… let me give you some examples. Ready?

Here are 4 ways to create chemistry with a girl over text by triggering male-female polarity

4 Ways to Create Chemistry With Women By Using Masculine Text Communication

1. Make Statements Rather Than Questions

Guys use FAR TOO MANY questions in their text interactions and it kills their chemistry with women.

You see, too many questions are usually a sign that you are being too REACTIVE and permission-seeking… which turns your confident, manly communication into feminine communication.

And when your communication loses that masculine edge, chemistry fizzles out.

Instead, take control by incorporating more STATEMENTS into your communication.

Statements are a perfect example of masculine communication because they’re assertive, confident, and dominate the conversation.

Whether it’s telling a girl you “had a cup of coffee brewed by the hand of God” or that you saw a creepy old man on a scooter, masculine energy is always making statements rather than asking questions.

It causes the woman to consider the statement, react, and usually ask a question (all “feminine” responses).

And when you’re confidently leading, and the woman is responding in a feminine way, that’s when you start to forge HOT CHEMISTRY.


Look into your phone right now… and count the question marks you use in your text interactions with women.

Ask yourself: Could you have used a statement instead of a question?

The next time you catch yourself asking a question, challenge yourself to replace it with a statement.

2. Be Assertive When Going For the Meet Up

What do most guys do when asking a woman for a date? They use weak-sauce communication that come across as

– unsure of their intent
– permission-seeking
– accommodating.

Instead of asking her “what do you want to do?” say “this is what we’re going to do”

Instead of asking her “where do you want to meet?”


“Okay, this is where I can meet you”

or “Here’s what I have planned”

or “This is where I’ll be, join me if you want”

You get the picture.

The directness and brevity of it implies you’re too busy to play games or chase her.

When you transmit this communication, a woman instinctively feels you’re a man of many options… who will simply move on to the next thing if she doesn’t make an effort to pin you down and keep you for herself.


3. Keep it Short – You Have Other Things Going on in Your Life

Here are three reasons that support the importance of keeping your text communication short.

A) Long Text Conversations Kill Chemistry

Want to make a woman dread hearing from you? Get into long text conversations that go nowhere.

You see, a woman feels that when there’s chemistry… things will happen fast, but when things don’t happen, she rationalizes “He must not be ‘the one’ or a date/kissing/sex would have happened already”

B) Masculine Energy Has Options and Treats Time as Precious

A man with options doesn’t waste time writing novels to women over text. He’s in abundance. He’s also texting other girls. Writing novels to multiple girls? Aint nobody got time for that!

C) Masculine Text Communication is Aligned With Intent

A big reason most guy’s texting is “purpose-less” is because they aren’t following through with their intent.

When there’s interest in a girl, masculine energy doesn’t waste time dilly daddling. It eventually gets to the point, and aims for its intent of getting together with the woman.

That’s why whenever you text a girl, you should ask yourself “What is my purpose of texting this woman?”

Trust me. It will save you a lot of time.

Your text conversations should ideally be 3 or 4 texts that aim to spark emotions, create a connection, and make plans to meet up.

4. Masculine Energy Doesn’t Wait For Permission to Take Control and Move Things Forward

Want to know the biggest mistake guys make with women that stops them from taking things to the next level… even with a girl who really likes them?

It’s this: Waiting for more “proof” that a girl likes them before making a move/ taking the text convo to the next level/ asking her to meet up/making a statement of interest

If you’ve texted enough girls in your “texting career” you probably already know there’s always a point in a text conversation where you wonder to yourself…

“Should I ask her to meet up now? Is it time to make… ‘THE MOVE?'”

“Na… let’s text back and forth a bit more… and build the connection a bit more…”

“Okay, how about now?”

“Na… I need to spark a bit more attraction… maybe get some more ‘hahas’ and ‘lols’ from her”

“And now?”

“But what if I get rejected? Na let’s play it safe for now…”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because most guys procrastinate when they’re texting a girl who’s CLEARLY interested in them.

They’re waiting for more and more proof… but what they’re really doing is waiting for PERMISSION from the girl.

It’s like they’re waiting for her to say “Okay, I like you, you can make a move on me now… trust me it’s ok… I won’t reject you”

Or they’re waiting for the girl to make a move on you herself. Of course, when you’re passively waiting for her to take action… you’re the feminine one, and she’s the masculine one.

Chemistry over.

There you have it. 4 examples on how to create chemistry with a girl over text. Now get out there and start creating chemistry with women!

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