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How to Cure Oneitis: What To Do When You Have a Crush On A Girl [3 Steps]

Are you focused on the same girl a little too much? If so, then you probably have “ONEitis.”

If you have oneitis, this article will show you exactly what to do when you have a crush on a girl and you are head-over-heels falling for her. You will also learn how to cure oneitis… so pay close attention.

Now the crushing feeling of oneitis is something pretty much all men go through at some point in their “dating careers”… and it can be a punch-in-the-gut experience.

cure oneitis and attract your crush

It used to happen to me all the time…

I would get a crush on one girl, and the whole world would stop.

Other things stopped mattering as much – I would focus less on school, my friends, and my hobbies.

Even if I had other girls I kinda liked, I’d stop thinking about them, and I would get “tunnel-vision” with just the one girl.

My ENTIRE well-being depended on the interaction between me and this specific girl.

If she didn’t return a text message, I’d worry, if she replied, I was temporarily relieved for that day!

and then…I would finally build the nerve to ask her out (or revealed my feelings for her).

It would end up with a speech that sounded like…

“let’s just be friends,”


“you’re so sweet, but I don’t feel the same way”

Funny thing is…I kinda felt relieved after this happened.


One, because after I finally “went for it” and DID COURAGE (so I got back confidence in return).


Two, because now I didn’t have to WORRY about her anymore!

I could now MOVE ON to other things, like talking to other girls.

Now I’d like to talk about the concept of scarcity vs. abundance… and how it provides a cure to oneitis.

Scarcity Mindset vs. Abundance Mindset

Oneitis is a mindset based on SCARCITY.

It’s an “inner-game” problem where you feel like there are no other options… because your entire self-esteem depends almost entirely on one girl, where normally you have different things to be happy about.

oneitis mindset triggered by scarcity
If instead…

…your mind is occupied with hobbies/other friends/ and other girls, then you would have an ABUNDANCE mindset in your life.

And that’s the solution to “how to cure oneitis.”  Creating an abundance mindset is THE CURE to oneitis… and the cure other scarcity-related issues (like neediness and jealousy)

3 Steps to Cure Oneitis

If you feel yourself getting too deep into “crush” mode, it’s time to step back and stop yourself from falling too deep.

When you get into a mind-loop of thinking about her, first be conscious of the fact that you have oneitis… and then STOP what you’re doing and analyze your options.

When this happens, you KNOW it’s because you perceive too much scarcity in the situation… so make it a point to increase your abundance in your mind.

Here are the steps you need to take to create abundance, and eliminate oneitis in your mind. If you’re ever in doubt of what to do when you have a crush on a girl, follow THESE 3 steps immediately…

1. Stop texting her for at least a week

This is necessary to reset your mind and center yourself.

When you aren’t texting her, it gives you a clear mind to make better decisions on what to do next

2. Focus your mind on other girls that you like (bonus: talk to them and go for dates)

It gives you a boost to your abundance-mindset

3. Do the “radically honest approach” drill at least once a day.

The Radically Honest Approach drill is when you go up to a girl and tell her what’s on your mind (usually what you’re thinking of her)

If you’d like, you can compliment her on something that she’s wearing that you like.

It is not necessary to say anything else (you can keep walking), but of course you can keep the conversation going.

The point of this drill is to do courage, and get back confidence.

It is important to remember that you still get back confidence EVEN if you get rejected. Good? Cool.

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