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How to Flirt With a Girl Over Text – 3 Text Flirting Examples

If you’ve read my other articles, you should know by now the 2 Basic Principles of texting a girl:

Principle #1: Triggering her emotions

Principle #2: Getting her face-to-face with you

Now, text flirting is a way to handle Principle #1. So once you learn how to flirt with a girl over text, you will be able to handle the “triggering her emotions” element of texting.

Why Do You Need to Spark Emotions in a Girl?

Once you learn to craft texts that spark specific emotions in a girl, you will be able to get (and keep) her attention, and you will feel like you have the power to take a conversation to the next level and make things happen with her.

But most importantly… once you trigger enough of her emotions, you raise what’s called, her “Buying Temperature” …and it allows you to successfully send her a text that goes for the meetup.

Because the main purpose of texting is this: to get the girl out with you face-to-face so that you can make a move on her and KISS HER.

What is Text Flirting?

When you text flirt, you get into a playful “mating dance” over text. You are in a a relaxed and creative state of mind with the girl and you ideally escalate the text interaction into a meeting of you two face to face.

Plain and simple: If you want to create attraction over text, then you MUST know how to flirt with a girl over text.

How do you text flirt with a girl, exactly?

Well, one of element of flirting is “Emotional Communication” …and it leads to you and the girl having a FUN conversation.

You see, guys make the HUGE mistake of sending too many logical and formal “let’s get to know each other” texts… and it bores the hell out of the girl.

Furthermore, it RARELY leads to a date because it doesn’t create FUN… and when a girl doesn’t think you will give her a fun date, she won’t feel motivated enough to go out with you.

Think Of It This Way…

The best way to sell something to someone is to first DEMONSTRATE the benefits they will get before they buy. Similarly, if you don’t first demonstrate to a girl that you are a fun guy… (by making her feel fun when she reads your texts)… then she will never “buy” into the idea of spending time alone with you doing more intimate things…

If a girl can’t see herself having fun with you in person… chances are she will avoid going out with you, to avoid a boring and awkward date that makes her cringe.


You Must Push the “FUN” Button From the Very Beginning of the Text Interaction

In fact, do it from your VERY FIRST TEXT. Jump right into the fun right from the start!

Don’t “play it safe” and wait for a specific moment to start being fun and playful with your texting.

Here are 3 example ways to flirt with a girl over text.

3 Ways to Flirt With a Girl Over Text to Push the “Fun” Button

The text flirting examples are:

  • a funny anecdote about your day…
  • a funny reference to your last encounter or “callback humor” to your last conversation…
  • a “joint compliment.”

(I will now explain what these are…)

1. Funny Anecdote

Think about what you did today. Did you do it? Now think of something interesting or funny that you did or something that happened to you.

If you think back to what you did these past few hours,  you can almost always pull out something interesting that you can phrase in a “fun” way.

If you can’t think of anything, then you should either… 1. Think harder or… 2. Stop sitting on your couch all day and start having more fun in your life!

For those that have problem #2, I can’t help you in this particular article, but for the #1s, here’s a tip on how to turn something that sounds “boring” to make it sound “fun”:

Even if you went on a boring and mundane errand today…  I am willing to bet that you can still “spin” it into something fun.

Ok, let’s say you had a cup of coffee this morning. Texting a girl “just had a cup of coffee” won’t make the cut — because it won’t add any “spark” to the conversation… but if you can take that sentence and add a weird, funny, or interesting “edge” to it… then you’ve successfully learned how to craft a text that can trigger emotions in a woman which will get her to invest and “play along” with you in the conversation.

Instead of just saying “I just had coffee” …you can say, “Just had a cup of coffee that must have been crafted by the hand of ZEUS… delicious!”

For Example…

one of 3 text flirting example ways to flirt with a girl

zeus coffee text flirting part 2

And NOW, she’ll start accusing you of thinking highly of yourself because
you think you are Zeus… and it’s ON!

You feel really cheesy texting a girl something like this, you might say…

And you know what? You’re probably right. But if what you’re texting her
right now isn’t working… what do you have to lose?

2. Funny Reference (Callback Humor)

Think back to what you talked about in person. If you created enough attraction in person, chances are, you already have “text ammunition” to send her.

With this text, you reference something funny, weird, or interesting you two experienced together. If it was something that made her laugh, or that made her connect with you… then you’re in!

If you don’t, you can always send her “Is it too soon for casual texting? I mean I just met you, maybe we should wait!”

3. Joint Compliment

When most men give out a compliment, they usually overdo it and put her on a pedestal… or they play it cool and don’t show interest at all, in order to not risk sounding “weak.”

The result of these two extremes is that they either become wussies, or they and they never steer the conversation to the next level for fear of sounding like wussy.

Now if you’re in any of those two extremes, you won’t be able to progress with a girl. So here’s the trick to giving out a compliment: Make it a JOINT compliment.

This means making her look good, while making yourself look good at the same time.

Some Example Ways to Do This Are…

  • Giving her a compliment while making a “cocky” statement about yourself
  • Giving her a compliment while sounding “important”
  • Talking about your future children, and how they will look like
    supermodels because both you and her are good looking.

i.e. “We must spawn Zoolander children. Keep your day planner open for tomorrow” This text (credit Rob Judge) is a perfect example of a text that is funny, cocky, and compliments her looks.

Plus, we all know what needs to happen for children to be made, don’t we? 😉

(More on joint compliments and expressing interest to a girl over text in this other Slideshare presentation)

To Summarize This Article…

  • The 2 Basic principles of texting a girl are one, to trigger emotions, and
    two, to get her face to face with you
  • Flirting is just part of the “triggering her emotions” principle
  • Flirting is something you are able to do naturally, but if you
    haven’t done it enough, it will feel awkward doing it.
  • Which is why it’s useful to have “training-wheel” text flirting techniques
    to practice and get your started
  • In this article, I gave you 3 text flirting examples  of these techniques:
    1. Funny Anecdote
    2. Funny Reference (callback humor)
    3. Joint Compliment

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