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How to Get a Girl to Like You Over Text

Ever had a girl seem to lose interest, fizzle out, or go cold after a few texts?

If you’re struggling with your “text game” and you want to learn how to get a girl to like you over text… this is the most important article you are going to read.

Here’s why…

This article will reveal an almost *MAGIC* communication skill you can easily learn… to turn your phone into a “Girl Magnet.”

You see, applying this skill correctly can get the girl texting you on the other side to feel an INTENSE chemistry and connection with you.

It gets her thinking about you… craving you.. and anxiously waiting to receive your next text.

Most importantly, this communication skill gets you meetups that turn into sex and relationships.

Would you like to know what this skill is?

It’s this:

The Skill of Triggering Specific EMOTIONS and Grabbing a Girl’s Attention

Always remember: Emotions = Attention  —  This means that whenever you TRIGGER a girl’s emotions…  you grab her ATTENTION..

And guess what? The only way to make a girl like you, is by making her FEEL EMOTIONS and getting her attention.

If you can’t make a girl feel certain emotions (in the specific way that I show you in this article) she will NEVER feel attraction for you.

This concept of sparking specific emotions is something that I want you to pay close attention to… Because not “getting it” is what makes the difference between having success with the woman that you’re texting, or just staying in her “text-buddy” friend zone.

If a girl you’re texting isn’t responding the way you want her to… then you can bet you aren’t sparking the right emotions in her.

Now here’s something you might not know:

As Soon As You Get a Girl’s Phone Number, There is a “Window of Opportunity” That Begins to Close Almost Immediately

Yes, she may have felt “Emotions” for you and had her attention on you when she gave you her number… but right after that, her attention soon starts to fade, and the window of opportunity starts to close…

Unless you trigger her emotions and grab her attention again.

You see, a woman expects “things” to happen quickly when there is chemistry…

Ever heard the saying that women want to be “swept away” by the gallant knight on the white horse? That’s exactly what they want to feel!!

She expects and CRAVES that feeling… and if she doesn’t get it, she will feel that “it’s not right” and her excitement for you will fade away.


The longer it takes you to get her out… the more she starts to think that you must NOT be the one… or something would have happened already.

As her feelings for you fade away, she starts to rationalize and come up with reasons NOT to meet up with you.

And then, even the slightest mistakes that you make start to annoy her.

Mistakes like:

  • Sending texts that are too “needy” and “clingy”
  • Sending her lame and boring “just another average guy” texts…
  • Or trying too hard to send her something super witty that she just doesn’t “get”

This is when she goes from HOT to COLD very quickly. Her attention for you fades away… and fizzles out… POOF.

How to Stop Your “Window of Opportunity” From Closing Shut

Remember how I mentioned earlier that Emotions = Attention?

Well the reason the window of opportunity is closing is because the emotion she felt towards you is fading… and so is the attention she is giving you.

However, since emotions = attention, any time you give a girl an emotional state… you momentarily get her attention again.

And the window opens back up.

It gets better…

Emotions act like an “Attraction Anchor” and reignite the attraction she originally felt for you. (Even if it has already started to slip away)

It’s kinda like this: You know when you hear a really catchy song on the radio… and it suddenly gives you a flood of emotions… because it gives you strong nostalgic feelings about a past time in your life when you heard that song a lot? That song now completely has your attention doesn’t it?

Well a girl can have the SAME EXACT REACTION when she gets a text from you!

You see, when you send a girl texts that give her a specific “emotional state” that she enjoys… the next time she hears her phone’s “somebody sent her a text” alert, she will pull out her phone with excited ANTICIPATION to see if she got a text from you.

And when a girl feels that she wants to meet up for a date, text you naked selfies of herself… or just come over for some fun, casual sex…

I can pretty much GUARANTEE that her decision isn’t based on some critical analysis performed by her “logical” brain.

It’s an EMOTIONAL REACTION that is triggered by the texts you send.

With this in mind, here’s what your game-plan should be:

1. Trigger her emotions to capture her attention
2. Turn her attention into a meetup (as quickly as possible)

Examples of Targeting Emotions With Your Texts

Now I’d like to share with you examples of how to get a girl to like you over text.

Go ahead and take a look at this Emotions Wheel:

how to get a girl to like you over text using this emotions wheel

As you can see… there are a bunch of emotional states you can spark in a girl.

In fact, there are specific texts you can send to trigger each of these specific emotions…

Let’s list some of these emotions…

– Laughter
– Suspense
– Curiousity
– Anticipation
– Trust
– Anger

WHOA! Am I really suggesting to actively try to make a girl angry?

Well yes, but not quite.

You see, your goal is to make an impact and get her out of her dull, repetitive day, and even an anger-creating text does that better than a boring logical text.

Why? Because when someone makes you angry, they have your FULL ATTENTION and Attention = Emotions.

Now: There are better ways to do this, but I wanted to illustrate the point of how triggering emotions grabs attention.

If you DO go about it by triggering anger, you only want to trigger MILD anger, or mild frustration.

You know, the kind that makes a girl sigh and say: “you know, you’re trouble”

Because your goal is to ADD VALUE to her day… and a mild challenge will get her ENGAGED. I repeat, you don’t want to make her feel bad… because that takes away from her day.

But let’s go ahead and look at the other emotions

Let’s start with the simple one… Laughter. Who doesn’t like to laugh?

Instead of sending her the lamest text of all time: “what’s up?” prelude it with a humorous anecdote about your day.

“I think the world is coming to an end. I just saw an old man rollerblading with nothing but tube socks and a fanny pack. So what you doing later?” [Credit: Rob Judge]

By adding humor that makes her laugh or smile, she will be more open to you proposing a meetup after that text.

How about suspense?

If you text a girl “Haha is it true?” And then you don’t reply for an hour after she says “what?”

She will be in suspense for the next hour wondering what you’re going to say.

It’s how attention-grabbing tv shows keep you tuning in after each episode and in-between commercials… and it’s also how to get a girl to like you over text.

See, every woman is like a lock… and when you trigger the right emotions, you find the right key that turns her on and UNLOCKS her such that it changes her entire perception of you to make her WANT YOU, and make her impatient to go out with you.

My friend Rob created a SPECIFIC sequence of texts that generate THIS key to unlock her and get her excited to meet up with you. He calls it…

“The Key Lock Sequence”

And it’s made up of 3 simple texts that “unlock” a girl… and gets her out.

(click here to learn more)

So if there’s a girl that already put you in the friend zone… or if there’s a girl that is sending you one-word text responses… or if a girl doesn’t text back… then you can use these Key-lock-sequence texts to totally transform the way she thinks about you

If you do this right, and, you use the 3 simple texts of the Key Lock Sequence, you can go from “she’s not that into you” to getting those 1am booty call texts

==> Click here to watch this video and you will be walked through the Key-Lock-Sequence

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  • Alan October 19, 2015, 4:43 am

    About 12 months ago my second wife and I called it quits. I had a five month stint in hospital but am on the mend. Whislt I was there a person who I loved from 25 years ago came back into my life. We have been out a few times and she knows how I feel about her. But she doesn’t seemed that keen about me. she is 51 and I am 55 she goes out with her friends from school, friends from out past, (we were both cops in NSW Aust) We have had words (sort of ) recently and I haven’t heard from her in 4-5 weeks. A female friend of mine said “no contact at all” and that is what I have done but it has met with no reaction from her. I think the world of her, she has also been married twice and has to daughter from another relationship. I just don’t know what to do, I have never understood Women, guess I never will.

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