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How to Get a Girl to Text You Back

Let’s face it: Women are RENOWNED for not responding to text messages…

If you’ve been spending time texting a pretty lady, at some point you may probably experience the suspense of a girl not texting you back.

But worry not, my friend, because I will show you exactly how to get a girl to text you back…

It’s actually kind of like a “cheap trick” to make her text you back. So if you’re not afraid to use a cheap trick on her, click here to learn it.

Now when you’re in the midst of experiencing the horrors of a girl not texting you back, it’s natural to ask why is this happening??

Why a Girl Ignores Your Texts

The key to getting a girl to pay attention and return your texts is very simple… yet most guys fail to do it. And because they don’t do it, women stop responding to their texts.

And when stops responding, you won’t be able to get a date.

So let me reveal the mistake that causes girls to ignore your texts.

Here’s the Critical Texting Mistake Most Men Make With Women:  Not TRIGGERING Emotions

If you don’t spark her emotions, you don’t catch her attention, and she puts you in the same category as all the other guys in her phone who also didn’t impress her.

Want to impress a girl? Then find a way to spark her emotions.

That is the fix to her not responding. (And I reveal word-for-word examples of how to do this in this report)

How to Trigger Specific Emotions in a Woman

Here is what’s called the “emotions wheel”:

how to get a girl to text you back
Within it you find a sea of emotions. Let’s list some of them:

  • Curiosity
  • Laughter
  • Suspense
  • Anger

WHOA! Did I just say you have to make a girl angry?

Yes, but not really.

You see, when you are having fun flirting and teasing a girl… you naturally spark a wide array of emotions that focus her attention on YOU. And sometimes when you are being yourself you get her playfully irritated.

  • You might tease her and make her MILDLY angry
  • You might say something funny that gets her laughing
  • You might get her curious because she is tremendously intrigued by you and wants to know more…
  • She might feel suspense because she wants to know more and you haven’t texted her back for a while (because you’ve got lots of things going on in your life)…

Make sense? Alright, now let’s focus on developing game plan to re-initiate contact with her.

3 Step Game Plan to Get a Girl to Text Back and Get Her Out

First you want to make a girl REALLY want to text you back… and secondly,

you want to create an attractive text conversation that is FUN and
allows you to invite her to meet up with you for a date.

Because spending time alone with her is what you want, isn’t it?

Now let’s come up with a 3 Step game-plan to re-initiate contact with her…

Step 1: Send her a specific CURIOSITY-creating text that COMPELS her to text you back.

Step 2: Raise her buying temperature to trigger her emotions and forge a connection

Step 3: Bring up getting together and handle logistics

Remember: If you can get a girl emotional, then you are WAY more likely to get her to do what you want (like meeting up with you)

Want a bunch of examples of how to do this?

It’s all revealed in this Free Report.

It’s called the “Girl Doesn’t Text Back Cheat Sheet” …and it’s the ultimate guide on how to get a girl to text you back

In particular, students have reported great success when using the curiosity creating texts on page 4 to get a girl to text them back.

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