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How to Get Rid of Jealous Feelings (tips to overcome jealousy)

When you have a girl in mind that you want to attract, and another guy
comes along and goes for or even gets with the girl YOU want, the
jealous feelings you get are inevitable.

As you think about them… together… doing the things you’ve been
fantasizing about all this time… your blood boils, stomach tightens,
and all of a sudden your attention is diverted to making sure you get
your girl before the other guy does.

Jealousy is a big thing. In fact, many relationships get broken up,
and attraction gets ruined because of jealousy. That’s why it is
CRITICAL to know how to get rid of jealous feelings, so that you
don’t push the girl away and kill all the attraction she has for you.

In this article, you will first learn the nature of jealousy and you
will learn exactly what it is. Then once you understand it, the next
part will show you exactly how to eliminate it.

If you use what you’re about to learn correctly, you will AVOID bad
feelings and jealous situations, and you will learn how to instantly
make you more ATTRACTIVE to women, so that YOU are the one that wins
her and becomes the champion.

Now let’s go over the nature of jealousy…

Suffering is Stressing Over What You Can’t Control

If you stress out over something you can’t control, then it’s called

Suffering drains your emotional energy. You don’t want that. You want
to save your emotional energy for better things than worrying about
some guy.

That’s why when you start getting jealous, your first goal should be
to stop draining your energy with stress. (No Contact Rule)

You want to save your emotional energy for when you’re interacting
with the girl… because emotional energy is what you will need to
behave in a way that triggers attraction in the woman.

Jealousy is Suffering About the Future

Jealousy is suffering about the future of what someone else does,
which you can’t control… since you can ONLY control the PRESENT.

That’s why you should only focus on controlling your present MINDSET.
This concentrates your ENERGY on the important things… and doesn’t
WASTE energy on things that won’t help you.

Bottom line, stop stressing over something you can’t control, and
learn to LET GO of it.

How to Let Go, and Eliminate Jealousy by Creating Abundance

Let’s recap.  Suffering is stressing over what you can’t control… and
jealous feelings are a type of suffering. Suffering about the future.

More specifically, jealousy is worrying that someone else will TAKE
AWAY something from you in the future. You are worried about having a
LOSS here.

Now whenever you feel potential loss, it means you feel SCARCITY. This
means you don’t have other options, so you feel dependent on one thing…
and you feel loss if you lose it.

That’s why when you encounter a “jealous” situation the mindset SHIFT
you need to make is that you’ve got other options… and that you have

You need to shift from a Scarcity mentality, to an Abundance mentality
(here’s an article on how to create an abundance mentality)

How to Deal with Competition

When another guy is going after the girl you want, it’s important to
know that you do so that you don’t push her away.

(here are 3 steps on how to deal with competition)

Girlfriend Talking to Another Guy?

When your girlfriend tells you she talked to another guy, it can make you
really worried. I mean, what if she has feelings for him?

If this is happening to you, there’s no need to jump to conclusions
right away, but there’s a chance your girlfriend’s feelings for you
are fading and her interest in this guy is spiking.

When faced with this situation, most guys instinctively make these
3 Deadly Mistakes that lead to a break up with their girlfriend.

If you don’t want to push your girlfriend away for good… read about
these mistakes and learn to avoid them.

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