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How to Make a Connection With a Girl By Using Deep and Wide Rapport

Have you ever experienced this problem? You are talking to a girl… she is laughing… you feel a connection between the two of you… and things are going awesome…

But then you get stuck on that ONE conversation topic that you can’t get out of, and you just can’t progress the interaction to the next level…

I think you know what I’m talking about.

It’s like you have TOO MUCH to say on that one topic, so your mind shuts off to jumping to other topics.

So what do you usually do? You milk that topic until it runs out and you and the girl are left standing awkwardly with nothing to say.

Then in an effort to just say ANYTHING, you start blurting out random “interview-like” questions that don’t move the interaction forward.

The girl gets bored, so she leaves, and you are left standing alone.

If you don’t know how to make a connection with a girl through conversation, you will get lost trying to come up with things to say.

And if you can’t intrigue a girl through conversation, she will get bored, and leave to find a man who CAN intrigue her.

So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. Cool?

Now let’s go over what actually DOES work to forge a connection with a girl and keep her talking to you.

How to Connect With a Girl

The KEY to connecting with a girl, as I will reveal, is to is to avoid the WRONG type of rapport, and to use the RIGHT type of rapport.

Particularly, I’m going to reveal in detail how to make a connection with a girl by “bouncing” between conversation topics using two types of rapport: Deep and Wide Rapport.

Once you’ve mastered this, you will be able to get any girl to DEEPLY CONNECT with you emotionally, and you will avoid getting stuck in mid-conversation and boring the girl.

Let’s begin.

What is Deep and Wide Rapport?

In Bobby Rio’s conversation “small talk tactics” eBook (get the training eBook here, absolutely FREE)

Bobby tells you the story of a time he created too much rapport with a girl.

Specifically, he created way too much “DEEP” rapport with her… and he didn’t create “WIDE” rapport.

What’s the difference?

Let me explain.

In conversations, deep rapport is when you stay on the same topic with a girl for a long time. You go DEEP into it.

But wide rapport is when you go through many different topics with a girl. As a result, you find lots of things you have in common… and you CONNECT over more things.

BEWARE: Deep Rapport By Itself is Dangerous

I’ll illustrate why deep rapport is dangerous with the following example.

Let’s say you are talking about music with a girl.

And she says that her favorite band is Sublime.

Now it just so happens that you also really like Sublime.

In fact, you own every single Sublime album, have a big poster of Bradley on your wall, and even your dog is named
“Lou Dog”…

Sounds like a good thing, right?


You see, what usually happens is that you end up spending the next hour talking about Sublime… and your favorite Sublime songs… and how much you wish Bradley was still alive… and preaching how there is no good music anymore.

And you are STUCK in the same topic of Sublime.

You are stuck in what’s called a “Conversation Island Trap” that you can’t get out of.

Because once the Sublime topic runs out of fumes, you and the girl will be left standing in an awkward silence with nothing else to talk about.

This is what deep rapport can do to you if you aren’t careful.

What to Do Instead? Mix in Some Wide Rapport

Instead of just talking about Sublime and staying in deep rapport, avoid the conversation island trap by mixing in
some “wide rapport”

3 Ways Wide Rapport Helps You Make a Connection With a Girl

1. You have other topics to “bounce” to in case you run out of things to say

2. You avoid getting stuck in conversation islands

3. It keeps the focus of the interaction on the vibe of you+her and not on the topic.

Make the “story” of the interaction the chemistry between you and her, and not the topics you are talking about.

Think of it this way: The topics are like the “supporting actors” that hold the movie together, but the two superstar main characters are you and the girl.

Example of Using Wide Rapport

Let’s go back to the same situation as before…

You are talking to a girl and find out you are both really big fans of Sublime.

A better way to handle it is to spend a few minutes talking about Sublime, but then quickly “bounce” the conversation to a different topic.

For example, Sublime is from Southern California, so you can talk about California… which can then catapult you into the topic of crazy travel adventures…

Or you can talk about surfing, snowboarding, smoking pot, or you can make a game out of naming all the dead rock stars you’d love to have seen in concert… or ask her which famous rock stars she would have sex with…

HERE’S THE BIG IDEA: Use going through different topics as a SPRINGBOARD to create a vibe between you and the girl that has the potential of turning flirty or sexual.

Remember, the vibe is always more important than the specific topics of conversation.

Make sense?

Ok, let’s summarize.

1. Deep Rapport is staying on one topic for too long…

2. Wide rapport is going through various topics (going wide)…

3. Staying in deep rapport without going wide sets you up for a conversation island trap that kills the momentum and stops you from taking things to the next level with the girl….

4. Instead, jump through different topics while, at the same time, going deep within them. But not too deep!…

5. The focus of the interaction is You + Her…

If you can master deep and wide rapport, you will know how to make a connection with a girl… and you will be able to escalate conversations with women to the next level.

Want more specific word-for-word examples of how to create that connection “vibe” and escalate a conversation to a more flirtatious level? Then read this free report that reveals tactics and techniques to do just that.

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