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How to Make a Girl Obsess Over You By Playing “The Game” That Makes Her Chase

watch how to make a girl obsess over you on my YouTube channel

Learn the “Scrambler” here (the specific steps that get a girl to chase you)

In the video above, Bobby and Rob talk about the “game” in dating.

If you want to learn how to make a girl obsess over you… listen up.

I will now summarize what was said in the video.

Today in this video we want to share with you one little trick you can do to reveal how a girl feels about you.

This move will tell you whether she wants to kiss you… or whether she wants you to ask her out… and once you do it, you’ll know to make your move.

But before we get to that let’s go over the two typical mistakes men make.

Mistake #1: Asking Her Out to a “Formal” Date That Suggests You Want to Be Her Boyfriend

First off, do not ask the girl out the so-called “traditional” way.

Whenever we crush on a girl, we tend to tell our friends about her. We’re like “I like this girl from work, I don’t know how she feels about me” or “my ex girlfriend is kinda back in the picture, I don’t really know what’s going on”…

The problem here, is that your friends are going to say “Just ask her out! What’s the worst that could happen?”

And so then you ask her out. But if you’re coming from a “oneitis” scarcity state of mind, chances are this girl will say “awww you’re so sweet, but let’s just be friends.”

Mistake #2: Letting Her Know How You Feel

Or worse, your friends will say “Just let her know how you feel!”

Worst advice in the world.

And I’ll tell you why.

First off, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s not that she rejects you, because we can all suffer a rejection and move on. The worst that can happen is that you find out that she actually did like you… and wanted to go out with you… but you blew it because you couldn’t play it cool.

Because you thought you HAD to let her know how you felt…

But you see, there’s a “Game” that needs to be played.

The Game

This game needs to happen before you “go for it” and pull the girl in.

It’s like getting a fish on the hook… if you pull it in too fast… you’re going to freak it out.

That’s where most guys mess up.

And I’ve been there. I’ve been guilty of this. We let our emotions take over…  and we come on too strong too soon.

Now a lot of people will say “why play games… I don’t like playing games, why can’t you just be yourself?”

Well that’s all well and dandy if you’re some Disney character who lives in fantasy land…

Because whether you like it or not… dating is a GAME.

You can either play by the rules and win… or you can pretend it doesn’t exist… and end up lonely like all the other guys who ignore the game.

But I like girls, so I play it.

In the past I would wonder why certain guys got all the girls while I was left all alone (or only got the mean chubby girl). It is because those guys played the game correctly.


Women Want You to Play the Game Because it Adds Excitement

The game is there for a reason because it adds a specific kind of excitement. And women actually WANT you to play the game. You might think it’s “sneaky” but it’s not.

To better help you understand, I want you to imagine a woman’s experience of the game like she’s watching a movie.

When you’re watching a movie, and you already know the end of the movie 5 minutes after it starts, there’s no reason to keep watching the movie, right?

Well that’s how most of us guys are with women. We are the predictable movie when we meet a girl.

When we reveal our feelings too early, she starts thinking “this guy likes me too much already… I think he wants to be my boyfriend”… and then her mind starts thinking about other guys, because she gets bored.

And the worst thing that can happen is when a girl gets bored… because
when a girl gets bored, she starts looking for the more exciting option.

See, it’s like you become too predictable to the girl by asking her out to be your girlfriend… buying her gifts… and making all these common mistakes that most guys make…

And it ruins the movie for her.

Don’t SPOIL the Movie For Her!

Don’t spoil the fun experience of going through the movie not being sure how it will end.

In dating, this means ruining the suspense and anticipation she gets from not knowing if you want to be her boyfriend.

You always hear “nice guys finish last”… or “don’t be a nice guy”. It’s the number one piece of advice we give.

But what makes a nice guy so unattractive to women.. is not that he has a good
heart… Nice guys lose over and over again because they’re predictable, boring, and they’re afraid to make a girl put in effort.

We think as guys, “if I cancel a date with a girl, she’s not going to like me”…
or “If I don’t text her back right away… she’s not going to like me”…

But in reality, it’s that moment when a girl is waiting for you to text her back…
it’s that moment when she freaks out, because you call her up and say “I’m not
going to be able to hang out today”… where she starts going “Omg, what’s going on, I really like this guy…”

That’s the part of the “movie” she is missing out on.

When you come on too strong and ruin the “movie”, a girl will feel something isn’t “right”… and she’ll start looking for all the reasons to disqualify you.

That’s why we always say “the minute she knows she’s got you, it’s over”.

But… the longer she’s chasing you, and working for you… she’ll come up with excuses to keep chasing you.

The More Effort She Puts in For You… the More Attracted to You She Becomes

You should be on your mind. She should be on google searching “why did he text me this?” or “why did it take him long to text back?”

You get the hamster wheel in her head spinning… because the more a girl thinks about you… the more attracted to you she becomes.

Remember this: A girl doesn’t fall in love with you when she’s with you… she falls in love with you when she’s away from you thinking about you.

Mixed Signals

Let’s face it, there’s probably a girl right now in your life that you’re crazy about…. but you’re not sure if she likes you.

Well part of your attraction to her is the “NOT KNOWING” what she thinks about you.

It’s the mixed signals.

So let’s talk about a “test” to decode a woman’s mixed signals to determine her attraction level for you.

A Test to Determine if She Feels “Chemistry” For You

In the beginning, we talked about a “test” you can do on a girl to determine if she likes you… and I’m going to reveal this test in a second…

But keep in mind that if you do the test and realize a girl’s attraction for you isn’t high enough… it means you need to learn the behaviors that make a girl obsess over you… the behaviors that give her a strong desire to kiss you… and to be with you.

You want to capture her attention enough that you get her thinking about you like that. Because if you ask a girl out before she’s ready, she’s gonna go “I have him… now I don’t know if I want him.”

If she isn’t ready, she’ll worry if the date will go awkward, or if you’ll get needy afterwards.

But since you’ve found this video… you’re in a uniquely good position. You have the ability to start playing the game before she knows your intention of becoming her boyfriend in the future.

The Friend Zone Test

Here’s a test to determine if she likes you.

When you’re talking to her whenever you guys are hanging out, say something that goes with a “high-five” (i.e. “yeah the Yankees won!”) and then high-five her.

As you high-five her, grip her fingers. If she’s attracted and ready to kiss you, she’s going to let her hand linger there for a few seconds because she’s gonna want to make that physical contact.

Because when a girl wants to make physical contact, it means she feels chemistry with you.

On the other hand, if she pulls her hand away quickly, it means you have to keep going…

…And you have to use what’s called “The Scrambler”… which is a bit of a “mind game”.

It turns out that “The Scrambler” is the movie the woman wants to see played out in her dating life.

THIS is how to make a girl obsess over you… and we put together a video that teaches you how to do it… Learn the Scrambler HERE

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