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How to Make a Girl REALLY Like You (And How to Reverse The Friend Zone!)

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Video: How to Use the “Scrambler” to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You

If you really, really like a girl, but you just can’t get her to respond to you, in the way that you want… then this is the most important article you’re going to read.

And here’s why: The ability to make a girl get “feelings” for you, is actually very simple to understand, once you learn how to do it. But, If you don’t “get” how to make a girl feel attraction, you will NEVER have a clear strategy to attract a girl. You will feel confused and frustrated… and you won’t know what to do or say in critical “sink or swim” situations.

The good news, is that,  learning how to make a girl really like you, is a VERY easy concept to understand, and it will only take you a couple minutes to read and “get it”.

Reverse Engineering Attraction

The concept I want you to learn is called “Reverse Engineering Attraction.”

This is the plan to reverse engineer attraction: First, you explore the situation you are in with the girl you have in mind. You explore how are feeling for her… and you carefully dissect the way you are constantly obsessing over her. Then you analyze the specific things and thoughts that “trigger” even more thoughts and feelings about her.

Once you understand THIS – the nature of how you get “feelings” for a girl, then it’s A LOT easier to see how the process of attraction happens, and then you will…

REPLICATE it on a girl! (and reverse the friend zone)

Now, I challenge you to go back and think of the last time you REALLY fell for a girl…

Think of that last time when all you could do, was think about this one girl… every SINGLE hour of the day… all while your mind kept OBSESSING over the last conversations you had, and wondered the meaning to the words she said to you.

What was the sign, in that moment, when you realized…”dang, I really like this girl” ?

When most men go through this, the sign they get is when you just CAN’T STOP THINKING about her.

It is when you find yourself talking to your friends about this girl…

It is when you realize your emotional mood depends on whether you texted or talked to this girl today.

You Have a Psychic Tension in Your Mind

When you’re in this situation, and feeling this way, you have what’s called, a “Psychic Tension”

It is THIS psychic tension that forces you to text her again, to talk to her again, to make yourself walk through the place she is usually at to just to “accidentally run into her” again.

This psychic tension exists until you RESOLVE it – by seeing her or talking to her… and this gives you a big sense of RELIEF!

But then the tension rebuilds and you start worrying about her again.

Like a vicious cycle.

If you feel that this psychic tension is happening to you, then you know the power it has over your feelings, and you can already imagine the power you would have if you triggered this SAME psychic tension in a girl’s mind.

By thinking about what happens to you when you start getting feelings for a girl, you find clues to making HER feel these feelings.

Therefore, if you want to make a girl REALLY like you, the solution is to FLIP it around! And…

Create a “Psychic Tension” in Her Mind

To make your girl get “feelings” for you, and reverse the friend zone, you first have to create this “psychic tension” in her mind.

And as my friends Rob and Bobby discovered, there are 12 specific attraction weapons you can use over and over again to create that psychic tension.

And they figured out a specific sequence to use these weapons. They call the sequence “The Scrambler.”

This is sort of like playing hard to get, but playing hard to get the RIGHT way.

Most guys completely mess up “playing hard to get” and do it all WRONG.

==> Check out the Scrambler here

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