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How to Make a Girl Want You Over Text – The Most Powerful Text Communication Secret

In this article, I am going to reveal in detail how to make a girl want you over text.

In fact, I’m going to reveal the most powerful (and little known) principle to communicating with women over text.

The principle you are about to learn is deceptively simple… but if you apply it correctly, you will see a MASSIVE improvement in the way girls react to your text messages… and you will get the desired RESULTS that you want with women.

If you don’t follow this principle, you will experience the common bad results that 95% of men get because they don’t follow this principle.

Results like girls ignoring your text messages… girls putting you in the friend zone… or girls giving you their numbers only to never, ever see them again. (Ever)

All of those disasters will be avoided if you apply this principle correctly.

Ok, enough messing around. Let’s dive right in.

If you want to trigger a great reaction from a girl when you send her a text message, your communication must be EFFECTIVE at doing one thing: Grabbing Her Attention

Unfortunately, getting a girl’s attention has become harder in this modern age due to the fact that…

We Live in What’s Called an “Attention Deficit” World

We live in a world with television, smartphones, email, Facebook, addictive tv shows, and a bazillion advertisements psychologically designed to STEAL your attention and direct it to whatever they want you to buy.

What’s more, the people who create the ads and tv shows get PAID to trigger attention in you!

Thus, with all these shiny objects and flashing lights, her attention has become pretty SCARCE… and you are competing for her very LIMITED attention span.

So if you want to GRAB a girl’s attention and trigger her focus towards you, you must use the same tools… the same techniques… and follow the same PRINCIPLE of attention-grabbing that all the advertisements and tv shows use…

And that Principle is… “Attention = Emotions”

That’s the answer to “how to make a girl want you over text?”…learn to spark her emotions!

Go back and think of the last time something really had your attention… do you know why you were focused on it so much? Probably because it really triggered your emotions.

For example, when was the last time you were angry at a friend… can you remember? When it happened, you probably couldn’t stop thinking about your friend for that whole day!

How about the last time a girl didn’t text you back? Let’s say you asked her out to an event… and she didn’t reply for hours.

How did you feel as you waited and waited for her response?

You probably felt a lot of SUSPENSE thinking about the text you sent her… analyzing it… maybe even doubting yourself for sending that text.

And when she finally replied saying she couldn’t go out… yes you were pretty bummed…

But you were also very RELIEVED that the suspense was over.

Weird huh?

Here’s another one: How about that one time when the girl you liked texted you out of the BLUE …triggering the emotion of SURPRISE… and that emotion of surprise made you think “I better pay attention to this conversation and make something happen!”

You get the picture.

As you can see, the more EMOTIONS are triggered, the more it triggers ATTENTION… and the more you get girls to think about you.

This principle is the KEY to getting a girl to pay attention to your texts.

With this in mind, here’s how I want you to change the way you think about sending text messages…

Switch your thinking from… “what should I write?” to… “what emotion do I want to create in her?”

If your message doesn’t stir some sort of emotion in her, it’s going to get lost in the shuffle… and so are you.

On the other hand… when you learn how to use texts to constantly trigger emotions in a woman… she can get EMOTIONALLY ADDICTED to you.

She will be waiting all day, impatient, and with bated breath, wondering when you will text her again.

And when this happens, you completely flip the switch and she starts CHASING YOU.

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