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How to Make a Girl Want You Sexually – Avoid These 8 Deadly “Good Boyfriend” Traits

If you’re wondering how to make a girl want you sexually, then pay close attention to this article, because I’m going to talk about a HUGE mistake men make when they want to turn a girl into a girlfriend.

I learned this mistake from Bobby Rio, and it’s responsible for many men not getting that amazing girl that they really want.

The mistake is acting too much like a boyfriend.

It’s true, acting too much like a “boyfriend” will KILL your game.

Trying to convince a girl that you have boyfriend “qualities” is a really, REALLY bad idea when you’re trying to create sexual attraction.

There are 8 boyfriend qualities you should avoid, and I’ll tell you in a minute. I will then tell you the types of traits you should starting showing her immediately if you want to make a girl want you sexually.

Why Shouldn’t You Show a Girl “Boyfriend Qualities” When You Want to Make Her Want You Sexually?

As you’re sitting there reading this, you probably really like a girl… and you’re wondering how to make her your girlfriend (or at least get into her pants)

When you start to wonder what it would be like to kiss her and do other “romantic” things with her… it would SEEM logical to act like a boyfriend around her… to show her what a good boyfriend you’d be.


Meaning that… when you interact with her, it would seem intuitive to show her boyfriend QUALITIES such as

  • paying a lot of attention to her…
  • always taking her side…
  • being the perfect gentleman.

I hope you’re with me here.

But here’s the thing…

Most guys act this way with a girl they really like… AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHY THEY FAIL!


Yup, acting too much like a boyfriend can actually HURT your chances of actually becoming her boyfriend (…and you also won’t get ANY “action” with her at ALL)

Instead, it’s better if she thinks you’re only looking for “fun”  than if she thinks you want to be her boyfriend.

Let me say that again. It’s better if she thinks you only want to BANG HER than if she thinks you want to be her boyfriend.

If you try to show her boyfriend qualities, you’ll probably end up in the FRIEND ZONE instead.

The reason is this: Showing her boyfriend traits leads to the following deadly mistakes that kill attraction with women.

8 “Good Boyfriend” Traits That Kill Attraction With Women

  • Trying too hard to find common interests and liking the same things as her…
  • Taking her side when she complains about “players” and showing her that you’re the opposite of those ‘jerks’…
  • Not making a move because you are too “respectful”…
  • Not making a move because you’re waiting for more “proof” that she likes you…
  • Being extra generous towards her (even more than your friends)…
  • Listening to all her problems and trying to solve them for her…
  • Make a lot of compromises so that you get along better…
  • Paying too much attention to her…

Look, if you’ve already been dating a girl for a year, it’s OK to do all of those things.

But when you’re talking to a girl you want to sleep with, the LAST thing you want to do is demonstrate what a great boyfriend you would be…


Because it does NOT give her feelings of ATTRACTION!

Even if she thinks you would make a great boyfriend…

You still LOSE…

Because once a girl thinks you’re the boyfriend type… she begins displaying her “good girlfriend” qualities… which are just as boring and un-sexual as your “good boyfriend” qualities…

Not only that, but you build up too much comfort with her, and eliminate the sexual tension required to create urgency for sex…

You’re no longer a challenge. That’s it. Over.

So what should you do instead?

You should follow this RULE: Treat every girl you meet like you’re just looking for “fun”

Don’t be worry about making her think you’re only looking for sex.

Because here is an ironic and interesting fact: Most girls wind up dating the guy they thought was ONLY looking
for sex…

Meaning that… if you want to make a girl your girlfriend, FIRST act like you’re looking for just fun and sex… and THEN it’ll be much easier to turn her into a girlfriend later.

Two Ways She Can Label You: Good Boyfriend Provider vs. Lover

A girl will label you as either a “good boyfriend provider” or as a “lover.”

When you demonstrate boyfriend traits, a girl will label you as the good boyfriend provider type… but it makes it much harder to escalate to sex…

…and much harder to make her your girlfriend!

This is because when she, in turn, displays her “good girlfriend” qualities… she becomes more of a good girl who plays hard to get… and she FRIEND ZONES you.

Think about it…

Most “nice guys” try too hard to show their “good boyfriend” traits as an attempt to make girls like them. If that worked, every nice guy nerd would be married to the woman of their dreams before they even finished high school!

Instead, Aim For LOVER Traits

Here’s how to make a girl want you sexually.

This is what you must do instead.

Show a girl your “fun”, in the moment, LOVER traits.

If your attitude is “I’m just looking for fun right now,” women will be more eager to spend time with you… they will be more eager to sleep with you… and yes, they will be more likely to end up being your girlfriend in the future.

So now I’d like to answer the question of: HOW do you actually DISPLAY these lover traits to a woman?

How to Transform Her Label of You From “Good Boyfriend” to “Lover”

You’re probably thinking of a special girl right now… and your goal is to make her feel attraction for you.

If you feel like you’re in the friend zone  and you’ve been playing the “good boyfriend” role for far too long… then here’s the BOTTOM LINE: To make a girl feel attraction for you, you first have to change the way she labels you.

(HERE’s a technique to transform the way she sees you from a good boyfriend to a lover)

When my friends Bobby Rio and Rob Judge set out to figure this technique out, they wanted to find a way to finally NAIL that “hard to get” girl that is giving you trouble.

A way to transform yourself in her mind, from just a FRIEND to a LOVER.

After spending a lot of time figuring this out, they finally developed a technique to create this transformation, and they called it The Scrambler

It’s called the Scrambler because it’s a specific sequence of “moves” and “tactics” to scramble her mind and change her LABEL of you to a “LOVER.”

Yes, it’s sort of like a mind trick, so you have to be O.K. with that.

Here is what the Scrambler does:

  1. It first interrupts her pattern of seeing you as a “good boyfriend type”
  2. It then starts a new pattern of her seeing you as the “lover” type
  3. Finally, it amplifies her attraction for you and makes her CHASE you via the 12 attraction triggers

==> Check out the 12 Attraction Triggers and the Scrambler here

Hope you enjoyed this article on how to make a girl want you sexually.

Your friend,



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