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How to Make a Move On a Girl… the WRONG Way

When you are “crushing” on a girl… and your mind keeps focusing on her… your ENTIRE mood depends on the state of interaction between you and her.

Your mind goes over the last things you said to her… and the last things she said to you… and you go crazy over analyzing it.

If she doesn’t text you back, you worry, if she replies, you are temporarily relieved for that day…

You go out of your way to see her… you find excuses to text her…

Sooner or later, you suddenly feel like she is fading away… she stops responding to your texts… or she isn’t as friendly as she was before…

You now start to WORRY that you will LOSE your CHANCE… so you get the urge to “GO FOR IT” before you “lose your chance” forever.

Does this ring a bell?

If you don’t know how to make a move on a girl, the right way, chances are, you will instinctively do what’s called the “Grandiose Gesture” …and that’s when most guys BLOW it, with a girl.

The Grandiose Gesture

The “Grandiose Gesture” is probably the most common mistake guys make that takes them directly to the dreaded friend zone.

Here’s one way to explain it: You imagine that you’re the character in the movie… and that this is the climax… and you’re going to perform this grandiose gesture that will win the girl over.

(Remember those cheesy 90’s movies where the “nice guy” main character does something like this to win over the girl of his dreams?)

So you go for it and you tell the girl you like her… you buy her a gift… you send her flowers… you write her a love poem…

…or something similar that you REALLY FEEL you HAVE to do…

Once and for all… Leaving it all in the line… Like a warrior fighting his last battle…

But then once you do the deed, you finally get it…

*The “let’s just be friends” speech.*

She tells you something like:

“You’re so sweet, but let’s just be friends”


“Aww you’re so sweet, but I just don’t feel the same way…”

You are officially in the “Friend Zone.”

I mean, writing her a song or poem is a sweet thing to do if you are ALREADY in a healthy relationship with a girl…

…but if you do this with a girl you like and you’re doing this with the intention of getting her to like you…

…it’s one of the WORST mistakes you can do.

Trust me, I have already tried this countless of times, and failed miserably.

That’s because getting her gifts and doing the “grandiose gesture” doesn’t create ATTRACTION.

What really happens is, that, the girl gets more distant with you… and she stops returning your texts and your calls.

If you repeatedly find yourself having the friend zone experience… then it’s time to take action, and do something about it.

So… how to make a move on a girl… the right way?

In particular, there’s a trick you can do to figure out if a girl truly likes you or not.

It’s a chemistry test called, the “Friend Zone Test” and you can go learn it HERE

A girl will often give you “mixed signals” and it confuses the hell out of you… leaving you clueless to whether or not she actually likes you.

If you read her signals wrong, you risk rejection or embarrassment…

Or WORSE… you blow it with a girl who really wanted to kiss you.

Here is a simple and innocent move that will instantly tell you if you’re in the friend zone:

==> Discover the Friend Zone “Test”

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