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How to Re-Attract Your Ex Girlfriend Back to You

It is extremely painful when your girlfriend doesn’t “feel it” anymore and decides to break up with you.

To learn how to re-attract your ex girlfriend back to you… keep reading.

When it comes to getting back a girl who lost attraction for you, there are 2 questions I get asked more often than any others.

The FIRST question is:

When your girlfriend decides to leave you, is there a way to get her back?

Which is almost ALWAYS followed by the second question:

If you DO have a chance, how do you make her get “feelings” for you again?

Well, stay tuned…

I think the *REAL* answers to these critical questions just might SHOCK you.

And I’m going to answer them both, extremely SUCCINCTLY and DIRECTLY, in just a short moment.

But, right off the bat, I want you to understand 1 CRITICAL FACT:

Attraction isn’t “Set in Stone”

This means that… just as a girl can be “in love with you” at a particular moment in time… she can later lose interest and not “feel attraction” for you anymore.

The tides of attraction can change. This is why a woman can act sweet and loving to you one day but becomes cold and distant a few short months later.

It can be really painful when this happens. When we notice a girl losing interest in us… it usually starts with something small.

Maybe she doesn’t reply to your texts like she did before…

Maybe she doesn’t include you in her future plans like before…

Maybe she doesn’t call you by your “petname” as much anymore… (Here are more signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore)

Either way, something about her seems off. She seems distant and less relatable to you.

You get a bad feeling in your stomach when this happens. Because you intuitively feel that it will all end badly.

You know that soon she’s going to give you the “talk”.

She’ll say something like “Let’s just be friends” or ” I think we need a break” or “I need space” or “I don’t feel we’re compatible” — she has decided to end things… and you are left devastated.

If you’re experiencing this situation, there are some good news in all of this:

In the same way that she first got feelings for you, but then lost them… YOU CAN GET HER FEELINGS BACK AGAIN!

There is reason to hope… because attraction can change… up or down.

Depending on what you do, you can re-attract your ex girlfriend back to you.

However, you must take the right steps and avoid making the mistakes most guys make.

Steps and Mindsets to Re-Attract Your Ex Girlfriend Back to You

So you’re fresh off a breakup.

First thing you must do is…

1. Go No Contact

Look, right now you’re desperate, and this can make you act like a total loser to your ex girlfriend. You’re in a cloud of emotions that make you act weak by begging, pleading, sending long novels over text pouring out your feelings and hoping that if she knows how you feel, somehow she’ll come back to you.

But doing this weak behavior will only dig you deeper into the hole. Your ex will feel annoyed and completely turned off by you… murdering your chances of ever making her love you again.

That’s why once your ex breaks things off, you must go no contact immediately until she reaches out again. If she says let’s just be friends, don’t agree to be friends. Tell her you’re not interested in anything platonic and to let you know if she changes her mind. (More on this here: When your ex girlfriend still wants to be friends after she dumps you)


2. Have the following mindset:
Assume the old relationship is dead, and now you’re starting a new one.

Easier said than done, I know.

And here’s why this is so hard for men to do:

When your relationship with a girl has already reached that high level of intimacy… you’ve slept with each other, lived together, told each other
your deepest secrets…

…it’s hard being OK with starting from the beginning. It’s hard to be ok with just having a good time with her. Because you’re going to want certainty that the relationship is “official” again.

Your ego will want to get the relationship back as soon as possible, and you will want to SKIP THE CRUCIAL PROCESS THAT MAKES A GIRL WANT TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU!

This is the process of when a girl becomes attracted to you and then things evolve to a relationship.

See, when you first meet a girl, you don’t jump straight into a relationship, right?  That’s because it takes time for love to build. Similarly, it takes time for love to fade.

Yes, your ex girlfriend loved you in the past. But that only applied to that specific moment in time when those feelings where going through her. The fact that she loved you in the past doesn’t matter RIGHT NOW.

You have to start from the beginning, as if you’re dating her for the first time again.

But remember, you are going no contact right now until your ex reaches out to you.

When she does reach out, invite her to meet up with you. (More: What to do when your ex girlfriend reaches out after a long time of no contact)

What to do When You Hang Out With Your Ex Girlfriend

Now listen closely… you don’t want to blow your chance. When you hang out, you cannot revert to the old “wussy” mistakes that made her lose attraction for you.

I’m going to tell you how to re-attract your ex girlfriend back to you: You have to have a specific attitude that will make her attracted to you again.

When you interact and spend time with your ex again, adhere to the following rules:

  • Only focus on “fun”… without being attached to the outcome.
  • Don’t get into conversations about getting the “relationship label” back
  • Don’t talk about “feelings”
  • Don’t be needy of possessing her as your girlfriend
  • Again, only focus on fun and “getting physical”
  • Think “LOVER”… not “boyfriend”

Carry yourself like this, and you’ll raise her attraction level over time. She will all of a sudden start liking again.

Then when her attraction is high enough and she’s in love with you, she’ll be the one asking you about the relationship label. She’ll say things like “so… what are we?”

But remember, without that crucial process, it doesn’t work. If you want to skip steps and turn a light switch so that she’s in love with you again, you will turn her off and you’ll lose her again.

Not following the process is why so many men fail to get their ex back.

They get into “feelings” talk… they talk about the past… and they start talking about “relationship labels” RIGHT AWAY.

They rush to convince their ex to get back together with them when her attraction-level isn’t there yet.

And as soon as they start asking the girl “So, what are we? When we we going to get back together again? Pretty please??”

…the woman’s attraction falls faster than a lead balloon and she gets as far away from him as she can.

Instead, your attitude should be to just focus on just hanging out and having fun without being needy of having a relationship label with her!

I know, this is hard to do when there’s another man in the picture and you’re afraid he’s going to take her from you.

Your natural instinct is to make things “official” and make her ALL YOURS as fast as possible… because you fear losing her.

The problem is that having this attitude is EXACTLY how you lose her.

As I said before, when you skip the steps of starting the relationship from the beginning, and you get “serious” way too fast…

She loses attraction because she senses you are WEAK since you need to be “official” with her to feel good about yourself.

That’s why trying to get back the relationship right away is Mistake #2 in my
“7 Dangerous Mistakes That Stop You From Getting Your Ex Back” Report

If you really want her back, you can’t be needy, and you must follow the process that creates ATTRACTION.

And to create attraction you must SHIFT from needing to have her as your girlfriend…

…to only be focused on fun and having a good time with her

When you are fearful, you don’t enjoy the moment, and if you don’t enjoy the moment, you are unable to display the attitude and vibe that will re-attract your ex girlfriend back to you.

And if you’re serious about getting your ex back, (and I’m guessing you are or you wouldn’t be reading this) I recommend reading my free “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back” report (download it now while it’s fresh on your mind)

re-attracting your ex girlfriend back to you

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