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How to Stop Being Jealous of Your Girlfriend

Let’s face it… it’s not easy to just shrug it off when your
girlfriend tells you she talked to a new guy. ESPECIALLY if she
seems EXCITED when she tells you about it with a twinkle in her

You immediately start worrying about her feelings for him… and
whether her feelings for you are fading… You don’t know how to stop
being jealous of your girlfriend.

As you fear for the worse, your blood starts to BOIL and your stomach
JUMPS to your throat.

You want to do anything in your power to stop her from DUMPING you to
get with him… so you try to STOP her from talking to him…

You wish you could make it all go AWAY

When you’re in this MIND FRAME, you REALLY start to worry when she
takes a long time to respond to your texts. You wonder what she is
doing during that time, and you CRINGE at the fact that she might not
think about you in the same way anymore.

Whenever she finally responds to your text, you feel RELIEVED after
all the suspense.

As you feel this happening to you, you face a dilemma…

Do you let her know that you are bothered by this? If she knows you
are bothered, she will KNOW you are getting jealous.

She knows you are fazed by this… and it lowers your value in her

Most guys make these 3 mistakes when they fear girlfriend might leave
them for someone else.

Jealousy take over and cause you to instinctively make these mistakes,
which lead to PUSHING her away even more…

3 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Jealous

Mistake #1: Feeling the need to text her and call her more

The first mistake is upping your texting or calling, with the
intention that it will keep you from losing her.

Whenever most guys feel like they’re losing a girl in some way, they
CHASE after her more. They send more texts… and call more often.

Although more chasing might FEEL right, it really works AGAINST you.

It makes you less desirable and it clearly determines that YOU are the
one who is doing the CHASING… which pushes her away even more.

Mistake #2: Acting needy or desperate when she doesn’t answer your texts

You text your girlfriend… and then you wait for her to text back.

As she goes hours without texting you back… you feel the suspense
growing – and that’s when you wonder about what she’s doing behind
your back.

Is she just busy? Are her feelings for you fading? Is there another
man that’s satisfying her MORE than YOU are?

When she finally texts you back, you feel RELIEVED. However, it’s
still freaking frustrating that she made you worried for that long…
and you just feel like letting it out.

If this happens to you, then you might feel the need to express your
frustration and anger at your girlfriend… but this only makes
matters worse and makes you come across as NEEDY.

Suggesting that you’re worried about her texting you back puts extra
pressure on your girlfriend and she will feel suffocated and want
more space.

That’s why when your girlfriend doesn’t text you back, dial down your
texting a bit and “chase” her LESS. *(what to do when your girlfriend
doesn’t text back)*

Mistake #3: Forcing her to stop talking to the other guy

This is a big one.

When it worries you that your girlfriend is talking to another guy,
and she knows about it… then she knows that he has power over you.
It totally weakens you from her point of view.

Further, you crowd her space and she will feel smothered. The more she
feels you are controlling her, the more it will push her away.

All of these bad habits lead to the destruction of attraction between
you and your girlfriend.

If your girlfriend talks to another guy, and it bothers you, the short-term
fix is to not do these mistakes and to not let her know that these
things bother you.

The healthy long-term fix is to stop it from bothering you when you feel
jealous of your girlfriend.

The KEY to Stop Getting Jealous of Your Girlfriend

Now, how do how do you stop getting worried about your girlfriend and
some other guy?

This is a deep “inner game” issue that needs to be fixed.

And to fix it, you need to change your mindset.

First, recognize that whatever she does is out of your CONTROL.

Second, realize that you control 100% of what YOU do… and you control
100% of your mindset.

Third, change your mindset to having more options. When you have more
options, you change your mindset from a SCARCITY mentality …to an
ABUNDANCE mentality.

This means YOU are the catch… and you’re constantly qualifying your
girlfriend to see if she is the right girl for YOU.

What you accomplish with this, is that you shift from: “I’m worried she
might leave me” to: “I’m not too sure about this girl, and I’ve got
other options”

…because you don’t NEED the girl… and, instead, you focus more on
yourself and question her qualifications to be your girlfriend.

This is how to stop being jealous of your girlfriend and it sets a
strong grounding to getting RESPECT from your girlfriend.

Now two things might happen.

Scenario 1: If your girlfriend’s attraction is fading away, having indifference
(towards her leaving you) can raise your attraction level to how it
was before… and she will feel a mysterious re-attraction towards you.

In many cases, the fact that you turn super needy and jealous is the
exact REASON that her attraction has faded… so eliminating your mistakes
can turn this around for you.

Scenario 2: It doesn’t work out, and she wasn’t meant for you anyways. In this
case, you don’t waste your time begging and losing your dignity.

In both cases, you don’t sacrifice your manhood.

When a typical guy feels jealous, he typically shows his girlfriend
that he’s worried… and then he becomes ultra-needy, wussy boyfriend
that begs her to stay with him.

You don’t want to be THAT guy.

Instead, become a man of abundance that has many girls waiting in line for

Make it happen!

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  • lovejoe January 26, 2017, 7:06 am

    For real man,I almost lost my girl, almost single.because of jealous,but now I stopped being jealous.i don’t give a fuck who she chats with or meet…

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