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How to Stop Obsessing Over An Ex Girlfriend And Cure Oneitis With Your Ex

obsessing over an ex girlfriend

obsessing over an ex girlfriend?

When it comes to getting an ex back, it all comes down to re-triggering the attraction she once had for you.

Unfortunately, there’s one deadly MONSTER that holds men back from triggering that attraction and stopping their ex girlfriends from wanting to get back together with them…

The monster that holds back her flames of re-attraction for you is getting too much “oneitis” with her.

Oneitis With Your Ex Girlfriend

You see, when you are focused and obsessed with just that ONE girl… it’s called having oneitis.

So when you don’t know how to stop obsessing over an ex girlfriend, then you have oneitis with her.

Now breaking up with your girlfriend can totally transform your “state” of mind …I mean you’re so used to talking with her every day… just knowing that everything is fine…

Until suddenly… she breaks up with you out of nowhere.

Your self-esteem deflates like an exploding balloon… and the feeling of rejection can’t seem to go away.

And now, almost instinctively, you find yourself reaching back to your ex, just to catch a signal from her that shows a hint that she still cares about you… just anything…

If this is you, I’m here to tell you that what you’re going through is very common.

In fact, most men that are broken up, will have “oneitis” with their ex… and that’s exactly why part of the reason most guys fail to get their ex back is because they had too much oneitis after their break up.

They get too focused on their ex, which causes them to act like a desperate, needy wussbag… and this behavior destroys their chances to get their ex back.


In particular, oneitis makes men break the “no contact” post breakup strategy by feeling the need to call or text her again.

Therefore, part of your strategy should be to ELIMINATE oneitis as much as possible.

Once you get rid of it, you won’t get so much of the URGE to act needy.

You won’t blow it by texting your ex girlfriend and telling her your feelings.

You won’t blow it by texting her with no purpose other than just to see if she’s alright so that you get that jolt of validation when she responds.

So how to stop obsessing over an ex girlfriend because you have oneitis with her?

Here Are 3 KEYS to Stop Obsessing Over an Ex Girlfriend…

Key #1: Realize That Obsessive Oneitis is a Scarcity Problem

When you are obsessed with your ex girlfriend, it’s called a “Scarcity Problem.”

Scarcity problems happen when you LACK something…

But what are you lacking?

You Are Lacking an Ecosystem of Positive Emotions

You see, whether you have friends, family support, or other romantic options… they are all part of your ecosystem of positive emotions… and they provide positive emotional value to you.

Now when you have a large ecosystem of positive emotions going on for you in your life, you have ABUNDANCE… and when you lack positive emotions in your life, you have SCARCITY.

This scarcity is what makes you feel like you have LESS OPTIONS.

…and this lack of options leads to the fears that cause oneitis, jealousy, neediness, and other desperation scarcity problems.

Make sense?

Now, when you have oneitis, you are suffering from scarcity of other ROMANTIC OPTIONS.

Therefore, the solution is to…

Key #2: Gain Abundance of Other Women in Your Life

Yeah, yeah, I know… going for other women feels counter to your feelings that your ex is the special girl for you… but if you want the best chance of getting your ex back… you absolutely MUST increase your abundance.

The quicker you get on with this, the greater the chances of getting your ex back.

In fact, as soon as you go into no-contact mode with your ex, start focusing your mind on other women.

Think about them, talk to them, go on dates with them.

The more options you feel you have, the less attached you will feel to your ex, and the less of an URGE you will get to text her or see her.

It will OBLITERATE your Oneitis.

Not only that, but when your ex sees you’re ok without her, AND that you’re mingling with other girls, now she will be one who sees you differently and might even start getting strange feelings of attraction for you.

The quicker you get on with meeting other women, and increasing your ecosystem of positive emotions, the greater the chance of getting your ex back.

Why? Because the one thing that will bring you both together again depends on ONE thing between you two…


And nothing will rewire you more into an attractive man than taking the massive action of going out and interacting with lots and lots of women.

Once you start swimming in a sea of abundance with women, you start acting like a man with lots of options.

Because here’s the secret of what attraction REALLY boils down to:

Every Trait That Makes a Girl Feel Attraction For You is Basically a Signal That You Have Lots of Options With Women… and in Life in General

So basically… every quality that makes an attractive man stems from ABUNDANCE.

Not only is this the answer to “how to stop obsessing over an ex girlfriend?” but it’s also the KEY to RE-ATTRACTING your ex girlfriend back to you!

Which brings us to key point number 3.

And this is the answer to getting your ex back…

Key #3: If You Want to Get Your Ex Back, You Must Learn to Trigger Attraction in Her Again Like You Did Before

Here’s the deal… your girlfriend broke up with you simply because she doesn’t FEEL the same attraction for you anymore.

Therefore, if you want to get her back, first you have to stop obsessing over her, and then you must go through a proven re-attraction process that works to gives her feelings of attraction for you again.

You can learn about this “re-attraction” process in this short video presentation.

You’ll also learn the 7 Deadly Mistakes that ruin your chances of ever getting your ex back…

And what to do instead to fix your relationship the easy way and make it STRONGER than ever before.

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