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How to Text a Girl You Like – 2 Basic Principles To Turn Phone Numbers into Dates, Sex, and Relationships

You’re sitting at home with a girl’s phone number… wondering what you are going to text her. You want to turn this number into a date… or even a girlfriend.

You don’t want to turn this number into just another “response-less” female name in your contacts list… or into just another girl who friend zoned you. You want to smoothly send a few texts that get her saying yes to meeting up with you.

If you follow the 2 basic principles in this article, that’s exactly what you will happen… because you will know exactly how to text a girl you like… and unlike before, you will be able to turn this number into a date… or even something deeper…

You see, a few years ago, I would go out to meet girls every weekend, and I would usually end up with a couple phone numbers… yet my excitement would quickly shrink into frustration because I couldn’t convert those numbers into ANYTHING.

No dates, no sex, and sometimes, not even a RESPONSE. I could have picked a random number from the yellow pages and gotten the same EMPTY result!

Fast Forward to a Few Years Later…

After putting in a lot of work to handle the “women and dating” part of my life, I can now conclude that there are 2 basic principles that allow you to successfully turn a girl’s phone number into a fun date over and over again, with each girl you meet.

In essence, every blunder you’ve made with a girl over text can be narrowed down to not following these two principles.

Here are the 2 Basic Principles To Follow When You Text a Girl You Like…

Principle #1: Your texts have to stand out if you don’t want to be like every other “friend zoned” guy who texts her.

Whenever you are texting a girl you like, stop for a second, and imagine what it’s like to be her. If you don’t do this… you are MISSING OUT. This is because you discover key insights when you stop and think about what the girl experiences when she reads your texts.

Picture the beautiful quality girl that you really want. You know that girl. Got her in your mind? Ok good.

Do you know want to know a secret? Other guys are probably thinking of her too… right now… and in the same way that you are thinking of her. So because of this, this girl already has guys constantly texting her phone throughout the day…

Now here is where I’m getting at: Since this girl is used to getting so many texts… she can sense in a split second whether you will be fun… or BORING to hang out with.

And trust me… most of the guys who text her probably bore her to death.

But that is good news for you, my friend, because this makes it so easy for you to STAND OUT and be the guy who actually knows how to send the right words that spark her emotions in the middle of the day and make her respond to you… all while she ignores all the other guys and gives you her full attention..

See, most of the guys fighting for her attention don’t know how to trigger her emotions in a positive way… and they even send texts that signal low status… without them even realizing it.

Want some examples of these low status texts? Here are some

If instead, you make sure first texts spark an emotion, you will get better responses, and you will be able to convert more numbers into dates.

Onward to the second principle.

Principle #2: The Purpose of Texting is to Make Plans to Meet Up

Let me tell you something, triggering a girl’s emotions with words is a skill you need to cultivate if you want to craft texts that compel a girl to stop what she’s doing and shift her attention towards you.

But, but, but… if you never invite her to meet up with you, you will experience situations where a girl first seems excited to talk to you, only for her enthusiasm to slowly fade away… until all she sends you are short, boring texts that give you nothing to work with… until one day she stops texting you back.

Therefore, you must, must, must always plan to propose a meetup by the end of the conversation… so you can get the girl face to face with you.

Here’s something most guys don’t get:

There exists a “window of opportunity” to make a move and get a girl out.

This means that a girl can feel chemistry with you, and she might even really like you, but if you never make clear your interest, by either inviting her out, or by trying to kiss her… she will convince herself that “you must not be the one… otherwise, something would have “happened” already.”

If the possibility of you being her lover never enters her mind… she will label you as a friend, and you will be sent to the friend zone. I guarantee it.

What this means for you, is that, you’ve got to invite her to meet up with you somewhere face to face, sooner rather than later… so you don’t miss the window of opportunity to get her out.

The Toxic Texting Mistake Almost Everybody Makes

A very common mistake I used to make all the time (and a mistake you might be committing right now)… is to get into very long “let’s get to know each other” text conversations with a girl… without even making a move.

This is when you text her back and forth playing “textual grabass”  for days, weeks, or even months… all while you “plot” how you are going to smoothly and cleverly make “the move.”

Yet… you never make a move.  Why?  And here’s the big insight – the reason most guys don’t make a move, is because they waste time waiting for more “proof” that a girl likes them. Instead, they spend time over-analyzing each text the girl sends them… they obsess over her… and they try to decode every message they get from her.

Unfortunately, if you keep getting into pointless text conversations that don’t lead to making plans to meet up, her attraction for you will fade away EITHER WAY! She will start to see you as uninterested, or WORSE, as a boy who’s too afraid to take the lead.

The saddest part happens when you do finally make a move. But by then, it’s already too late. First, it completely catches her by surprise, because all this time, she thought you only liked her as a friend. Second, you declare your interest for her in the worst possible way…

By REVEALING your “feelings” for her.

And I think you already know what happens next…

She Gives You the Dreaded “Let’s Just Be Friends” Speech

I know, it sucks. I’ve been there many, many times. But guess what? If you apply the material in this article, I promise you will avoid this in the future.

So here is the takeaway of this principle…

Don’t sit around decoding your conversations looking for more “proof” that a girl likes you… instead, invite her to meet up with you, and based on her response to your invitation, you will gauge her attraction level for you.

Now it’s Time to Formulate a Texting Game Plan That Incorporates These 2 Principles

In this video you’re going to learn how to turn your phone into a magnet… by using a specific sequence of texts called: The Key Lock Sequence

You will learn how to use three simple text messages to turn a woman on, and get her out on a date.

Some of the things you’ll learn are…

• How to capitalize on attraction before it fades

• The single biggest ingredient for capturing her attention

• 3 specific types of texts you need to send (in order) to turn her on and get her anxious to meet up

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