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How to Text Your Ex Girlfriend Back – 3 Texts to NEVER Send Her

You are sitting there.

Alone… frustrated… with your phone out.

Plotting how to text your ex girlfriend back.

You just lost you girlfriend, but you want her more than anything in the world.

To have her in your arms again.

To just KNOW that she’s all yours again.

If this is you, watch this video to discover how to text your ex girlfriend back by using tiny little text messages

Now let’s talk about 3 texts guys send all the time right after a break up that RUIN their chances of ever getting their ex back.

So don’t send these!

Let’s begin.

Text #1: The Nothing Text

“What’s up?”



These texts all sound like a 19 year old frat boy sent them.

And they are terrible texts to send to your ex girlfriend. If a text doesn’t add value or contribute to the interaction, it’s probably a nothing text.

A text conversation that comes from a nothing text usually goes like this:

You: Hey
Ex: Hey
You: What’s up?
Ex: not much, how about you?
You: Nothing much

[You are now stuck with what to say next]

And as the conversation with your ex goes stale, you lose a valuable opportunity to make progress with getting her back. The next text isn’t that great either…

Text #2: The Needy Text

Ok, so you’re probably really missing your ex right now

To add to it, you’re probably worried that she’s going to start dating a new guy soon.

Especially when she doesn’t answer your texts and seems to be busy doing “something else.”

If you’re too worried about what she’s doing and especially if you’re feeling the pangs of jealousy, then you really need to stop yourself from transferring that “needy” anxiety into your texts.

Needy texts usually sound like…

“Are you alright?”

“What are you doing?”

“Why aren’t you texting me back?”

“Are you dating someone else?”

If you send any of these to your ex girlfriend, you’ll come across completely insecure.

Not only that, but your ex will probably get angry at you and will probably not text you back for a long time… decreasing the chances of changing her mind and making her want to get back together with you.

And now…

Text #3: The Desperate Text

This is another terrible text to send an ex girlfriend that will sabotage your efforts to get her back.

Avoid sending any of the following “desperate” texts at all costs:

“Please, tell me what I should do to get you back… I’ll do anything”

“Will you give me another chance?”

“I promise I’ll change. I can’t live without you.”

“Please don’t date someone else, I swear we can work this out”

These types of texts make you look completely desperate.

When you communicate with your ex girlfriend that you NEED her this much, you have NO CHANCE of ever getting her back.

On the other hand, if you avoid making these needy mistakes and, instead, concentrate on making yourself happy without depending on her, that’s when you have a chance.

In fact, when you’re less available and gone no-contact with her, she might start even wondering what you’re up to… and if you’re seeing someone else.

This is because the less available you are, the more attractive you become. You give her the “gift” of missing you… and create a solid opportunity to get your ex girlfriend back.

Especially if, once you get back into the picture and start texting her again… you know the RIGHT text messages to send her.

Go to the link below to learn how to text your ex girlfriend back…

==> this video reveals the types of texts to send to get your ex girlfriend back



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