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How to Turn Your Female Friend Into Your Girlfriend

Tired of being stuck in the friend zone with that amazing girl you really like?

If you keep getting friend-zoned by women, It’s probably because you’re doing specific behaviors (which you don’t realize) that are making her think of you only as a FRIEND.

Keep struggling, or flip the situation around and get her to start thinking of you as a LOVER.

Here’s how to turn your female friend into your girlfriend


I am 22 years old. I am very shy and I am introverted. When I have women as friends, I am always in the friend zone.

There’s a particular girl, and we always talk about school, work, or something that happened.

That’s it.

It’s like impossible to me to talk more intimate with women. I also observed that they always want to be just my friend.

My entire life was like women and I have to go to school together, work together, share acquaintances, share friends, and that’s it.

Me as a potential boyfriend… I was NEVER in that place.

I am tired of seeing other men have a girlfriend like it’s a very normal thing.

To me, it’s almost impossible to have a girlfriend. The reason is, I always stay in a my corner.

In addition, the few female friends that I have just consider me like I was one of their female friends.

I am not effeminate and I am handsome enough. However, the women I know always prefer other men.

It sounds like I am not a man to them.

It seems that they just see me as a friend and just a friend.

It looks like I will never be enough for a woman to be her boyfriend.

I am desperate and depressed. I have never seen a sign that a woman or a girl of my entourage likes me as a man that can be their boyfriend.

– Jean

>>>My Comments

Jean – when I read this, I thought: “he isn’t being aggressive enough” and “he doesn’t *get* how attraction works”

You see, there are two big mistakes guys make that completely demolish the chances they have to attract a girl.

Mistake #1: They Wait Too Much for “Proof” That a Girl Likes Them Before Making a Move On Them

Simply put, you won’t have success by sitting around all day waiting for the girl to make a move on you.

You have to be willing to take control of the situation and guide it to where you want it to go.

Critical to this is communicating your intent early.

If you act like you want to be her nice friend, and you try to “play it safe” by not suggesting that you’re attracted to her, then she’ll quickly put you in her “nice” friend category.


When you act like you want to be her LOVER, then you act differently.

You show more intent, you aren’t afraid to take risks, and you are SHAMELESS when it comes to expressing your desire.

Because it’s what you want and you OWN it.

This SHIFT in communication gets you different results.

By expressing your intent, you don’t waste your time with women who aren’t what you want and instead you attract the women that you have a chance with.Because if they know you like her, and they’re still hanging out with you… then you know that there’s a great chance they like you too.

What’s the effect of this? Less women will end up being your friend (that wasn’t your intent anyways so who cares)… but you will notice more women getting “feelings” for you and wanting to be your girlfriend.

Keep in mind though, that you also need to know the fundamental basics of how attraction works, otherwise you’ll commit mistake #2…

Mistake #2: Revealing Your Feelings For Her in a “Weak”, Low-Status Way

I know, I know, I mentioned in mistake #1 how men aren’t aggressive enough and never make a move on a girl.But if you show intent the WRONG way, you’ll make a woman run away from you fast.

Because women aren’t attracted to men who don’t value themselves and who act WEAK.

It’s an undisputed universal truth.

Now, when a guy (who’s acting too much like a wussy)… falls in love with a girl… and then reveals his feelings for her… the same typical tragic story follows. And I bet you’ve experienced it. Just like I have.

Wanna hear it?

Here’s how it goes…

The 15 Step Story of How “Wussy” Men Typically Meet, Fall in Love, and Reveal Their Feelings For a Woman

  1. you meet a girl
  2. you start getting “feelings” for her
  3. she gives you “mixed signals”
  4. sometimes it feels like she likes you, other times she treats you no more than just a friend
  5. these mixed signals keep hammering your thinking with emotions…
  6. you start getting a “Psychic Tension”
  7. as the psychic tension inside you accumulates, you get a strong urge to break this tension and reveal how you feel for her.
  8. you reveal your feelings to her, accompanied
    possibly with a “Grand Gesture” where you buy her flowers, give her a gift, write her a poem, or draw a portrait of her face, etc…
  9. she says she doesn’t feel the same way about you and gives you the “let’s just be friends talk”
  10. you are heartbroken
  11. you move on
  12. you recover
  13. you meet a new girl
  14. you start getting feelings for her
  15. and the cycle goes on…

Is any of this ringing a bell?

If it is, then I can totally relate to what you’re going through.

Because I’ve been through all this myself.

Yes, I’ve even done the drawing a portrait of her face “grand gesture” move. (that’s a story for a different newsletter)

But the critical question now is:

How do you break this cycle and start becoming more than “just a friend” with the women you meet?

Here’s how to turn your female friend into your girlfriend…

You know how in steps 5-7 above I mention the “psychic tension” you feel when you start to constantly obsess over a girl and think about her all the time?

You have to FLIP IT AROUND.

You want to instead be the one who gives HER that“Psychic Tension” in her mind, such that she feels irresistibly attracted to you.


My friends Bobby and Rob discovered that there are 12 specific attraction weapons you can use over and over again to create this psychic tension in her mind.

They figured out a specific sequence to use these attraction weapons.

And they called it “The Scrambler”

==> Learn More About The Scrambler Here

If you want to escape the friend zone with “that one girl” who keeps tugging at your heart strings…

The Scrambler is the ultimate weapon that transforms her mind and gets her to start feeling attraction for you.

Until she starts picturing you as someone she might get romantic or sexual with, rather than just thinking of you as a nice, normal friend.

And that’s how to turn your female friend into your girlfriend.

Make it happen!

Your friend,


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