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“I Let My Girlfriend Walk All Over Me… Now I’m Devastated and Heartbroken”

Heartbroken and devastated because your girlfriend walked all over you and treated you badly?

If you’re saying “I let my girlfriend walk all over me” and you feel like you were manipulated…

Then read the Q&A below to learn the BIG MISTAKE that makes a woman treat you like dirt… and learn how to make sure you TAKE CONTROL so that this never happens again.


I Let My Girlfriend Walk All Over Me… Now I’m Devastated and Heartbroken

Here’s my story. I dated a woman with two kids fresh out of a bad relationship. 

At first it was great. But she never wanted to be exclusive. She said it was too early.

Two months later we took a trip and fought most of the time there. So we went our separate ways.

4 months later around my birthday she started contacting me again. We started dating again, but at a slower pace. She never asked her to be exclusive. We NEVER had sex.

After 7 weeks she was telling me that she could talk to me better than anyone else in her life. That I was her best friend.

And when I mentioned friend zone she said all of her LTR (long-term-relationships) were with best friends.

We never fought. I met her children. We always had fun with each other.

But then I started to notice things…

She always had her phone turned upside down. She would guard her phone when texting. She started asking for money that she promised she would pay back. A LOT of money.

I felt it was possible that she could be using me so I looked through her phone. She had been fucking a guy the whole time we were dating.

My heart was broken.

When I confronted her, she was cold and cruel.

She said she didn’t want to have sex because it would open feelings for me and she wasn’t ready for that. She said the guy meant nothing.

It was a way to satisfy her need without strings.

She seemed to mock me for caring and being hurt.

Odd thing is I still care for her. We work together this weekend. Two 16 hour shifts. We literally work right next to each other. Should I say anything to her? I do still care for her.

– Kevin

>>>My Comments

Okay Kevin, the truth hurts… but all of this was preventable and it was something you invited into your life.

Now let’s go over three things that you need to know regarding this relationship implosion.

1. You Were WAY Too Accommodating to Her Terms

When you allowed her to dictate the terms of the relationship, THAT’S when it all started to go down hill.

No sex… not getting exclusive… going on dates at the pace she wanted… was all of that something you REALLY wanted? Or did you agree to those terms because you feared losing what you had going with her?

Yes she walked all over you, but it seems like you let her do it.

And then…

2. Your Weakness Made Her Lose Respect For You

She lost respect for you… which led her to seeking other guys, borrowing money from you (that I presume she didn’t pay back… since she knew you’d say yes and not defend yourself if she didn’t pay back) and mocking you for caring and being hurt.

Was she a mean, controlling bitch? Seems like it. Was it preventable? You bet.

Worst of all…

3. When a Woman Loses Respect For You… She Can NEVER Love You. It’s Utterly Impossible

Let’s look at what she told you.

She said “she didn’t want to have sex because it would open feelings for me and she wasn’t ready for that. She said the guy meant nothing.”

And I call ROYAL BULLSHIT on that.

She didn’t want to have sex because she DIDN’T have feelings for you. Feelings of SEXUAL ATTRACTION you did NOT make her feel (that the other guy DID make her feel).

Instead, she kept you around to use you for money and emotional support.

Yes, you were basically like a “gay best friend” to her.

Again, it was something you let happen.

Her feelings for you were very, very low. That’s why she acted COLD and CRUEL when you confronted her on her behavior.

Why do women treat you this way?

Women act bitchy and controlling when you behave like you don’t have a SPINE. That’s a simple fact. If you aren’t acting masculine, the woman will act masculine… and that certainly depolarizes the masculine-feminine relationship and obliterates the attraction.

Women want a man who is emotionally STRONG. It’s impossible for them to love a WEAK man they can walk all over. They just can’t do it.

That’s why it’s important to learn how to behave like an in-control MAN in these situations so that they don’t happen to you again.

Here’s What to do Now After Being Walked All Over

“I let my girlfriend walk all over me… what to do now?”

When you see this woman at work this weekend. Don’t bring up the “relationship” anymore. If you must talk to her just keep it strictly objective to the work you’re doing.

After that, don’t contact her again unless she does first (If you still want her) . Keep the phone strictly to making plans. Don’t text more than 3-4 texts without setting up a meetup.

But I suggest you take a break from this girl for a while and start meeting other women, so you can practice. H


You see, you have too much “oneitis” with this woman. You’re in SCARCITY.

To BLAST through this scarcity, you have to meet other women so that you get into an ABUNDANCE mentality… which eliminates all the weak needy feelings that eat away at you when you’re obsessed with “that one girl”.

How to Transform Yourself Into the Kind of In-Control Man All Women Respect and Fantasize About

Okay, so we talked about how having an abundance mindset makes you STRONG with women.

The men whom we call “Players”, all have this abundance mindset, and it allows them to never get weak around a girl they really like.

These “Players” actually have 7 ways of thinking that make them wildly successful with women. You can learn these 7 “Mind Shifts” here:

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Here’s a Secret: How you THINK =  How you ACT

If you think nervous insecure thoughts…  you act nervous and insecure.

If you think like a guy who is experienced at closing the deal… you ACT like someone who is experienced at closing the deal.

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