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If You Are Not Her Type, HERE’S How to Create Attraction

Ever stopped yourself from going for a girl because you felt you were too short, too tall, not her race, or not her “type” in general?

If you are not her type and you are worried about this, read on, because I’m about to blast the “not her type” myth out of the water…

Let’s begin with this question from a reader.

***Question From a Reader***

I like this hot white girl, but some people say that white girls don’t like black guys and I’m black, but I want to get that girl I wish to have.

What do I do? Thanks

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One of the most common concerns and frustrations I get in emails from men seeking dating advice basically comes down to this:

“How do I make a girl like me if I’m…

  • this ethnicity
  • this type of guy
  • this nationality
  • poor
  • not the “ideal” good-looking guy

What do I do?”

Well I’m here to tell you that technically… these things DON’T REALLY MATTER.

To explain why, let’s go through some very fundamental things about attraction that I’ve learned.

Listen very carefully because what I’m about to say is KEY to creating attraction.

Why It Doesn’t Matter That She’s Not “Your Type”

1. First of all, there are some girls that no matter what you do, they won’t like you, don’t focus on those. Focus on the ones that want you. That being said…

2. Girls’ feelings are fickle, and not “written in stone.” That’s why a girl who acts excited with you one day might act cold and distant the next day. This is because…

3. Girls act based on their emotions. What they’re FEELING at the moment. After they act on their emotions, only THEN do they try to RATIONALIZE why they did what they did… and they come up with an explanation to justify it. If you are not her type, this is extremely important because…

4. The girl might say one day “I don’t like black guys” until she meets a black guy that makes her feel an attraction she can’t control… and she hooks up with him.

Afterwards she then rationalizes in her mind “I like black guys.” It’s as if she rewrites her own “rules.”

Funny how that works huh?

This all happens because of the most important quality about creating attraction…

5. Attraction is something women don’t choose to have, it’s something that gets TRIGGERED.

To trigger attraction, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re tall, rich, handsome, white, black, asian, etc. As long as you’re a man, you have in your DNA the ability to make a woman feel attraction. You just have to unlock that ability by UNLEARNING all the toxic social programming you’ve had over the years.

Can any of the good-looking, or rich traits help? Sure… if your “game” and skills are average. If they have to choose out of 100 “average” guys, women will choose the rich or good looking guy.

That’s why it’s easy to start this journey of becoming successful with the thing called “women and dating” if you look like the person who is SUPPOSED to be good with women.

It’s like society cheers you on and says “Bravo, you look like James Bond, go for it!”

If you don’t “look the part,” people will say “girls don’t like black guys”, or… “it’s all about money,” or… “it’s all about how tall you are.”

As you can see, if you don’t share the typical “surface” qualities of the “image” of the guy who gets women, you’re kind of in a solo mission. (Well you’ve got your pal Frankie on your side though! )

If you believe what the mainstream tells you, you will use those excuses to bullshit yourself to not take action and better yourself.

But you will miss out. You see, what society tells you to do becomes IRRELEVANT once you start to ignore it… and instead, stay on your path to become better with women.

Because when it comes to guys who are really really good with women… inherent looks based on their DNA don’t matter.

If you choose to take this journey that I’ve been taking for more than 5 years now, and you keep at it, you will reach the type of success you haven’t even DREAMED of.

I congratulate you for already taking the first step. The fact that you read my articles means you already know more than what the average guy knows about attracting women.

While you are here soaking in these dating insights that 97% of men do not know… everyone else is following the herd… thinking there is no way out.

But you now know that there is a way out. A way to win with women regardless of everyone else says.

Because the secret of success with women is not about buying women dinner, or being rich, tall, or handsome…

It’s about understanding how attraction works and understanding how to trigger attraction, in any women you want, whenever you want…. even if you are not her type

If you want to attract that “hard to get” girl you’re thinking of right now (and you probably do or you wouldn’t be reading this) then watching this video is your ideal first step.

It not only teaches you the exact steps and specific techniques to trigger sexual attraction with your behavior, but it helps you become more attractive with women in general.

If you want to finally start having dating success, start here.

Make it happen!

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