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Should the Guy Always Initiate Contact Over Text First?

You’ve made a great impression, you’ve got her number, and now the timeless question arises…

Should you text her first?

Should the guy always initiate contact over text first?

The answer is revealed below…

should the guy always initiate contact over text? This is the answer...

The answer to “should the guy always initiate contact over text first?” is yes.

Why You Should Always Text a Girl First

To see why it’s important to text a girl first, let’s go over a few things.

Over the years, I’ve learned that there are traits that attract men to women, and traits that attract women to men.

I’ve found that, while men are attracted primarily to PHYSICAL traits a woman has, women are primarily attracted to CHARACTER traits men have.

You see, just like your attraction is triggered by a woman with a nicely shaped hourglass body, a woman’s attraction for you is triggered by certain character qualities she instinctively “senses” in you.

One of these qualities is the CONFIDENCE to take risks and take the INITIATIVE.

Another interesting fact I’ve learned is that women actively and unconsciously TEST men to see how they react in certain situations.

Because they want to filter for that guy who has the SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE of how to LEAD HER strongly and smoothly.

Therefore, once you get a girl’s phone number, she is probably going to test to see HOW you lead her… so she’s probably going to wait for you to send the first text (even if she really likes you).

Sure a girl might message you first, especially after she starts to like you… but don’t count on it. The mindset you should have is “I’m the leader, and that’s just how it is, and if she messages me first, cool.”

One roadblock many guys have is that they rationalize in their minds “if she really was interested she would text me first” …but that’s just an excuse they come up with to not take risks and avoid rejection.

Yeah it’s very convenient and avoids putting their ego on the line… but they probably won’t get any actual results with it.

What to Text a Girl When Initiating Contact For the First Time

Ok Frankie… I believe you… and I’ll start leading more… but what do I send her for my initial first text?

Good question.

There are two elements your very first text should contain, and they are revealed in this article right here.

I even give you examples of a good first text to a girl you like in the article.

She Doesn’t Text Back… Now What?

So you’ve asked “should the guy always initiate contact over text first?” you’ve read my article, and then took my advice and decided to initiate contact by sending the girl a solid first text.

But now she doesn’t text back…

What went wrong?

Regardless of how much of a texting expert you are, you will inevitably run into the situation of a girl not texting you back.

Two Possible No-Response Reasons to Think About

A) The success of your texting, greatly depends on your intial in-person interaction. If you didn’t trigger the girl’s emotions in person, it’s very, very likely to get a “flaky” number.

B) The girl might be busy. Simple as that. She might be at work, studying for school, out with her friends, her phone might be dead… threw it into the ocean… flushed it down the toilet… who knows.

There are some things you can’t control, but what you CAN control is how you react to her no-response. Will you freak out, get worried or angry and show her what an insecure guy you are? Or will you stay calm, confident, and wait a few days to text her again as if nothing ever happened?

It’s up to you.

And now… I want to show you my secret weapon for girls who don’t text back.

Have a look here and you’ll see what I mean.



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