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Signs My Ex Girlfriend Wants Me Back

So your ex girlfriend contacted you out of the blue and now you’re wondering if she wants you back.

Before you see her again and before you send her another text, read this article to learn the #1 biggest mistake men make when trying to convince their ex girlfriends to “get together” with them again.

Students often email me asking “what are the signs my ex girlfriend wants me back”.

And there are several of them… some more obvious than the others.

Here’s a handful of signs…

Sign #1: She’ll Start Calling You By Your “Pet Name” Again

She’ll start using your pet name again… as an attempt to build intimacy and “connect” with you again.

She misses the old days… how things used to be between the two of you.

Take her use of your old “pet name” as a sign she’s becoming attracted to you again.


Sign #2: She’s Eager to Interact With You… and Will Give Quick Replies to Your Texts

If your ex girlfriend misses you and wants you back, she will be thinking about you all day wondering when you will text her again.

So if you notice she’s now texting you relatively quickly compared to before, it’s a sign her attraction for you is growing.

In contrast, her texting probably got colder back when she was losing attraction for you and wanted to break up.

But now that you’re on her mind again, she FEELS more of a spark from you and is on her phone craving your texts.

If there’s a change in her texting, don’t take it for granted however meaningless her texts might seem.

That’s why if she sends you a random text out of nowhere, you must take it as a sign she’s thinking about you and wants to reach out.

Which brings us to the the third sign…

Sign #3: She Texts You “Out of the Blue”

If you’re wondering what are “signs my ex girlfriend wants me back?”… then you must know this interesting bit on female psychology…

When a girl misses you and thinks about you, she seeks a way to jump back into your “orbit”.

However, she will probably do it very INDIRECTLY.

Meaning, there will be an “excuse”.

Maybe she will ask for help on something that seems trivial…

Or maybe she will just text you out of the blue just to say hi.

Whatever way she uses to “reach out” and get back into your orbit, you should assume that the reason she does it is because she misses you and wants to see you…

…And then suggest getting together.

Say “I’d like to see you, when are you free to get together?” And make plans to meet.

This plan of what to do is laid out in this article… where I go through what to do when your ex girlfriend reaches out after a long time of no contact.

The #1 Biggest Mistake to Avoid

The big mistake men make whenever their ex girlfriend pops back into their lives is that they try to get the relationship back right away.

Doing this too soon turns the woman off and she goes back to becoming distant and not wanting to interact with you.

See, an ex girlfriend will text you out of the blue when she misses you and wants to see you. You’re on her mind… it means she is getting attracted again.

You should take this create an opportunity to hang out and have fun with her… without the neediness of trying to have her back as your girlfriend.

As soon as you get serious and try to lock her down as your girlfriend, her attraction will fade again and you will blow your chance.

That’s why trying to get back the relationship right away is Mistake #2 in my
“7 Dangerous Mistakes That Stop You From Getting Your Ex Back” Report.

signs my ex girlfriend wants me back

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