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What to Text a Girl That is Ignoring You

It would happen to me all the time.

I’d get into these long back and forth conversations with a girl… she would act all friendly, she would “lol” at my jokes, we would share things about each other…

It seemed like I was on my way to making her like me.

Until POOF, the girl would start ignoring my texts OUT OF NOWHERE.

I used to wonder “did I do something wrong?” “Why is she ignoring me?”

If this is you, and you’re wondering what to do, then read on… because I’m about to reveal what to text a girl that is ignoring you.

You will also learn why “text conversations” actually ANNOY women. (And what to do instead.)

Ready? Ok, first of all, here’s my absolutely FREE “girl doesn’t text back cheat sheet” that you’ll want to use as a guide.

what to text a girl that is ignoring youUse these 3 hook texts as a last resort guide for what to text a girl that is ignoring you.

what to text a girl who is ignoring you

girl who is ignoring you

Ok, now let’s move on to a very revealing question.


Things to Say to a Girl That is Ignoring You?

Okay so I met this girl on Tinder and we talked for a while until she all of a sudden out of nowhere stopped talking to me.

About a month and a half later I found her on FB and sent her a friend request. She sent out a “like for an inbox” status and to my surprise she sent me a message. The next morning she even sent the first text. I like her but I don’t think she likes me.

She does reply to my texts eventually but I can tell it’s not because she wants to more because she probably feels she has to.

I have complimented her just once saying I think she is really pretty and sorry if I’m bothering you. I was wondering if you’ve any suggestions for things to say to get her to like me or actually want me.

What do you text a girl who is ignoring you?

– Angus

>>>My Comments

Angus, WHOA WHOA WHOA do not EVER tell a girl sorry for bothering her.

What does saying sorry communicate to her? It communicates that you don’t value yourself. That instead of thinking that you’re giving her a gift and brightening up her day by talking to her, you feel that you’re being a burden to her.

It’s like you’re saying “oh princess I think you are really pretty, I bow down to you, and I’m sorry for bothering you with lame old me”

If a woman senses you don’t value yourself, there is no way that she’s going to value you and respect you. So let’s stop that.

Now the “what do I say” communicates you’re not exactly sure what to do. And that’s ok, because it’s very common. It’s called the illusion of “doing.” The illusion that “I just have to say something!”

In your situation it’s not something specific that you have to say, but a little switch in your mindset. The mindset is to 1. value yourself, and

2. focus on what you want

Now if you’re going to focus on what you want, you have to do the following…

Think From The End

I want you to imagine your end goal with this girl. Imagine your desired outcome with her.

Do you want a texting Facebook messenger relationship with this girl? Heck no. I’m sure you actually want to meet her (and make something happen)

So instead of getting into long text conversations trying to “get to know her”, you should have already attempted to get her out.

That’s why “getting into long text conversations without getting her out” is Mistake #4 of these 5 Toxic Texting Mistakes.

Take a look at them in this slideshow:

Now towards the end of the slideshow you will also find mistake #5, not knowing how to trigger her emotions.

And this is the KEY to attracting a girl over text.

Sparking Her Emotions

Whenever you spark a woman’s emotions, you also have her attention.

That’s why if you want a girl to be eager to receive your texts, you need to spark her emotions with fun, silly texts that make her feel CHEMISTRY inside. (More: how to create chemistry with a girl over text)

How to Spark Her Emotions If She’s Ignoring You

So what to text a girl that is ignoring you?

In particular, if a girl is ignoring your texts, it’s very powerful to use an EMOTION CREATING TEXT that COMPELS HER to text you back…

I call these “hook texts” …because they “hook” her in.

I actually created a FREE PDF “cheat sheet” for you containing 3 types of hook texts that get her to text back.

Click here to get it and to get access to the 3 “hook” texts.

Specifically, the simple  four word text message on page 6 of this report has proven to be very effective in getting a girl to text you back.




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