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Why a Girl Doesn’t Text Back – 5 Toxic Texting Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

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You hit it off with a girl, you get her number, and things are going well…
You text back and forth for a few days, or even a few weeks… and
suddenly you realize she’s kinda “pulling away.”

She goes from taking 5 minutes to respond to your texts, to 5 hours.

She goes from writing you long text messages to sending mere “lol”
or “haha” texts.

You wonder why she doesn’t text back like she used to before… is it
fading away?

Is there someone else?

Sometimes you even get the feeling that she’s in bed with some other
dude reading your texts and showing him your texts and laughing at

The fact is, there ARE reasons why a girl doesn’t text back, and you
WILL hit this wall where a girl stops responding, unless you AVOID
the texting mistakes I’m about to show you.

REMEMBER THIS: The KEY to making a girl feel attraction for you, is
in the way she thinks about you when she’s away from you.

With this in mind, the following mistakes ruin attraction because
they ruin the mystery and intrigue that makes a girl feel attraction
for you when she’s away from you.

5 Texting Mistakes That Kill Attraction and Make Girls Not Text You Back

Mistake #1: Confessing your feelings over text

This might be pretty obvious, but if you send her a text like:
“Hey I think I sorta have feelings for you”

The girl will very soon give you the talk… “yeah I kinda just like
you as a friend”

The less obvious version:
“you’re really cute, I had a really good time with you, I can’t wait
to see you again”

If you text this to a girl you barely just met and went out with,
this comes across as way TOO NEEDY, TOO HUNGRY, and TOO DESPERATE

And soon… you will be faced with the situation
when the girl doesn’t text back.

You want to leave some mystery to what you really think about her.
When she’s away from you, she has to analyze your mixed signals and
look for hints that you like her… it’s what makes her say to
herself “I think I really like this guy”

Bottom line: If you get the impulse to show your strong interest in
her, hold your horses!

Mistake #2: Sending Nice Guy Texts

A very common text a lot of guys send is called the “nice guy” text.

“hey what’s up? How’s your day going? Nice day out today!”

This is when you’re sending her texts that really have no purpose,
but you want to be REASSURED that she’s responding.

In other words, you feel compelled to “check in” with her to see if
she’s ok, because you want an “instant hit” of gratification that
she’s responding to you.

However, you need to hold on to that urge because these kind of
texts don’t go anywhere and only convey neediness.

A lot of guys mistake a girl’s responses as interest, and she might
respond with “yes my day is going fine” or “yes it is a nice day out”

…but it only leads to a boring conversion that does NOT create

Everytime a girl takes out her phone and reads plain, boring texts
from you that don’t trigger any of her emotions… it only lowers and
lowers her attraction for you.

Mistake #3: Being too Available

There is a saying that goes: Those Who Look Hungry, NEVER Get Fed

In other words, don’t be so available.

A big mistake guys make, which I’ve done plenty of times in a past…
is that when we think a girl likes us, we feel that we can be totally
available… so if a girl texts us “what are you doing” we give
ourselves PERMISSION to totally open up and become available to her.

An example of this is whenever she sends you a late night text on a
Friday night… and then you get so excited and happy about it that
you respond right away.

When you do this, the message you are REALLY sending is that…
“I’m doing nothing on this Friday night that is as important as
talking to you…”

When a girl asks “what are you doing” at such an hour, what she is
REALLY doing is subsconsciously TESTING you…

And she is instinctively wondering:

How much does this guy like me?

If I text him on a Friday night, how fast will he reply?

Will he leave the friends he’s hanging out with to come
and meet me?

These are all questions her intuition finds answers to, based on your

Mistake #4 Accidentally Texting Yourself Into the Friend Zone

Another huge trap.

The purpose of texting is NOT to become a girl’s text buddy,
and get into long text conversations.

The purpose of texting initially, when you meet a girl,
is to trigger her emotions, and to get her to meet you in person.

Only Give her the MOVIE TRAILER version of your Personality

If you give her the full movie of yourself (before you have sex with her),
she will feel like she’s figured you out already…

That’s it. The chase is over…

And she’s just going to move on to the next guy…

So only give her a few hints and bread crumbs of your personality.

Mistake #5: Giving Up Too Soon

A lot of guys are scared of being persistent, because they want to
avoid coming off as needy. And they are right… persistence might
make you look needy, but only if you’re persistent the WRONG way.

There is a RIGHT way to be persistent.

See, every woman is like a lock… and you just have to find the
right key.

…and when you find the right key, then you can turn her on, and
change her entire perception of you.

Remember what we said earlier? – Her “feelings” for you are dependent
on the way she thinks about you when she’s AWAY from you

So when you find the right texts to send, you can plant ideas into
her mind that lead her to start thinking about you when you’re away,
and she’ll start to feel ATTRACTED to you.

These texts to send, are the right KEY to use on the LOCK of the

My friend Rob created a sequence of texts that generate THIS key…

He calls them the Key Lock Sequence… and they are 3 simple texts
that “unlock” a girl… and gets her out. (click here to learn more)

So if there’s a girl that already put you in the friend zone… or
if there’s a girl that is sending you one-word text responses… or if a
girl doesn’t text back… then you can use these Key-lock-sequence texts
to totally transform the way she thinks about you

If you do this right, and you use the 3 simple texts of the
key-lock-sequence, you can go from “she’s not that into you” to
getting those 1am booty call texts

==> Click here to watch this video and you will be walked through the Key-Lock-Sequence


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