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Why Did My Girlfriend Leave Me For Another Guy

Whenever a student writes me asking “why did my girlfriend leave me for another guy?”

…it leads to the question: “why did this girl lose attraction for you?”

Because here’s one undeniable fact:

Somehow, your girlfriend lost attraction, and you either 1. didn’t notice it was happening… or 2. you felt something was wrong but didn’t know how to fix it.

See, when she first fell in love with you, you did something to attract her. She became attracted to that version of you.

However, somewhere along the line you started acting differently. You stopped doing the things that made her attracted to you… and instead carried yourself in a way that made her lose interest in you.

Why Did She Lose Attraction?

Women lose attraction when you display behaviors that make you come across “weak”.

When you’re not emotionally strong and centered as a man, you are “weakened” and things easily throw you “off balance.”

This is bad because you get into a fearful and insecure state of mind that REPELS women.

And then when you are weakened and your girlfriend acts distant, takes long to respond to your texts, or mentions some guy friend she hangs out with who you fear she might like…

You get easily get jealous and feel like you’re going to lose her…

…which causes you to instinctively start doing “needy” things to “get her back”.
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But chasing her like this makes things worse because you come across as a BIG WUSS.

And surprise surprise, acting like a big wuss makes your girlfriend lose attraction EVEN MORE.

That’s why it’s so important to remain in-control of your own emotions.

See, you used to be emotionally strong. That’s why she got attracted to you in the first place. But somewhere along the line you became too emotionally dependent on her validation, and this made her lose the “spark” she felt for you.

And when she lost that spark…

That’s when she started lining up someone else to take your place.

This might be tough to hear, but women do this.

They don’t leave without another option ready.

So when she left you, she already had another guy lined up who she preferred over you.

By the time she decided to dump you, she already had no feelings left for you…
she was just waiting for another guy to take your place.

That’s why sometimes women seem to go from sweet and loving to cold and distant, from one week to the other.

It’s crazy… and can really cause you deep pain when it happens.

This is why it’s so important to get this part of your life handled if you want to avoid this in the future.

How to Make Her Attracted to You Again

Ok, so we just went through mistakes that cause girlfriends to lose attraction… but how do you get her attraction back??

Well, when she first fell in love with you, there was SOMETHING you did to attract her. You acted more like a man, you felt felt more “in-control”… and she became attracted to that version of you.

However, you started making specific needy mistakes that drove her away. You are probably STILL committing these mistakes, and it’s STOPPING your girlfriend from feeling love for you again.

When students write asking “why did my girlfriend leave me for another guy”… it usually means they are oblivious to at least one of these mistakes they’re making.

In particular, there are 7 mistakes that, until you stop making them, it’ll be impossible to get your ex girlfriend back.

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In the eBook, I  also go through the exact steps and directions to re-attract that woman who got away.

When you read it, you will be more aware of needy mistakes, and understand how female psychology works.

You’ll “get” why she lost attraction, and you’ll know what you need to do next to get her attraction back.

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