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Why is My Girlfriend Mad at Me – Dealing With a Rude Girlfriend

If your girlfriend is mad at you and you’re asking “why is my girlfriend mad at me?”… keep reading.

Especially if:

  • You feel like you have to watch what you say to avoid making her mad…
  • She gets triggered over the smallest things…
  • It feels like you’re “walking on eggshells” and you have to watch what you say to avoid making her mad…
  • It feels like she doesn’t respect you anymore…
  • You’re afraid of losing the relationship…

Here’s a question from a reader who’s experiencing a mad girlfriend who acts rude towards him.

If you’re in the same situation as him, pay close attention. Dealing with a rude girlfriend is critical if you want to maintain the attraction.

Allow her disrespect to go on, and you’ll become weak to her eyes. But handle her attitude correctly, and you’ll build attraction.


Why is My Girlfriend Mad At Me?

Hey there, I have a certain situation that I’m quite confused about.

2-3 weeks ago my girlfriend was mad that we didn’t talk for three days.

So I told her that she didn’t reply to my message, and that I thought she was busy. I told her that I had things going on, but that I was going to surprise her on Monday (which I did). However, on that Monday she was mad and annoyed at me.

A few days later she messaged me first, and then we met up on Thursday.

She was dismissing my opinions, smiling, laughing at me, saying my logic isn’t right, calling me a liar, that I don’t care, that one of my reasons it’s ridiculous… I gave her three warnings and she didn’t modify her behavior.

So near the end I walked away from the conversation by saying:

“I don’t deserve to be treated like this, today I tried my best to make you feel heard and understood but you didn’t make me feel heard and understood today. I had to sit here hearing you accusing me of things, calling me a liar, saying I don’t care so message me when you are willing to treat me better because this sucks I don’t like your attitude. Take care of yourself, I’m gonna go”

I haven’t hear from her in 20 days. We didn’t say goodbye or break up. Did I do the right thing by walking away?


>>>My Reply

Hey Lucas,

If you know she has no reason to be mad, your attitude should be that everything’s just fine. No worries.

And if she plays the silent game because she is mad, then that’s her problem.

She is disqualifying herself for being an insecure and immature girlfriend.

On the other hand, here’s something very important you should know:

Women Act Mad and “Cranky” When You Act “Weak” With Them

“Why is my girlfriend mad at me?” The answer is often that girlfriends hate it when their boyfriends get all needy and worried about them. They get annoyed when their boyfriends act like little girls, because they want a real man.

Women do things to test your strength and boundary, to see if you freak out… or if you stay calm and solid as a rock. That’s why women sometimes become distant to test how you react. (Read more about this topic in detail in this article: Why a girl acts cold and distant)

If this girl has a history of getting mad at you, and this is a common situation you go through, then ask yourself “is my weak behavior turning her off and causing her to act this way?”

Her attitude indicates that she doesn’t respect you anymore.

Which brings me to my next point…

When Women Lose Respect, it Usually Doesn’t Happen All at Once

Something happened over time that made her lose that respect.

The good part here is that you didn’t take her shitty treatment anymore, and you walked away. That was the strong thing to do.

When you’re dealing with a rude girlfriend, this is what you should do.

I wouldn’t talk to her anymore, ever, unless she reaches out again.

While that was the right thing to do at that point, I get a sense that it could have been avoided.

Does this all ring a bell?

***His Reply

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to reply.

The moment she was rude and disrespectful it’s where I set a boundary then ended the conversation.

She has been silent since November 3rd, so I realized that she was pulling away from me, withdrawing and shutting, so I realized she got extremely mad and giving me the silent treatment so I have make zero effort of reaching out to her or getting in contact with her.

I will make zero effort in reaching out because she shut down me, pulled away, was abusive and didn’t modify her behavior. I get tons of thoughts of possibly losing her, her talking to another guy or forget about me…but I will not cave to reach out first. I admit I got annoyed with her but I was not disrespectful or mean. Am I doing the right thing?

>>>My Reply

Yeah man you did the right thing. Walking away shows that you value yourself as a man.

Whenever you get irrational feelings of “losing her” and you get start thinking of her with another guy, that’s when you have to value yourself first.

This is a mental exercise that you do where you assert your value, and you think to yourself:

  • “I am a catch”…
  • “she doesn’t deserve me”…
  • “I only accept first-class treatment from girls”…
  • “I disqualify girls who treat me second-class”…
  • “she has no idea what she missed out on”…
  • “omg it’s so funny, I can’t believe she threw this relationship away”…
  • “I accept girls who highly value me into my life”
  • “I am on a mission to fulfill my life purpose, she is missing the train by not joining me on my journey”
  • “I filter for awesome girls who treasure me and who would love to join me on my life journey”

Next, make sure that you’re going out and meeting more girls so that you shift away from scarcity and into abundance.

When you’re home alone all the time thinking about your ex, it’s easy to fall into thought patterns where you miss her and get depressed…

So create an ecosystem of positive emotions: family + friends + other women, so that you socialize and feel good about yourself.

***His Reply

Hey there Frankie, thanks for your suggestions, they make a lot of sense to me, I will do my best to put them into good use when I feel down or thinking about her.

I love her a lot, she means a lot to me, but I had to choose my self respect and dignity over her. It was not easy sitting down to hear her accusations…

I felt this masculine energy inside that led me to tell her “It’s 4 am here I tried my best to make you feel heard and understood, today you didn’t make feel heard and understood about what I said, so I’m going to go right now because I don’t deserve to be treated this way so ‘m not going to sit here and take it so message me when you are willing to treat me better, because this sucks, I don’t like your attitude. Take care of yourself, I’m going to hang up”, she usually contacts me the next day to apologize, but this time I have not heard from her in three weeks….There was no closure, no goodbye, or a breakup, she just withdrew completely out of my life….

>>>My Reply

Yeah that masculine energy you talk about is your intuition taking care of you. You did well paying attention to it.

Right now you have a “chase reflex” because she has pulled away. It’s human nature to feel this way.

At the same time, you have to ask why are you feeling this way?

The reasons are…
1. You’re too much in scarcity with this girl, and…
2. You gotta value yourself more

To deal with #1, you go out more and meet more girls.

For #2, it’s about how you see yourself in relation to the girl.

See, if you think of it in terms of “what is the correct way to re-attract her?” Then, to one part of your brain, the purpose is still to get the girl.

Then the other part of your brain reminds you of your self-worth and it knows  how to deal with a rude girlfriend.

The bottom line is this: This girl was rude to you, and she still hasn’t reached out to apologize or at least to show that she cares…

So why is SHE still the prize?

When you start valuing yourself (by doing the above mental exercises), you put YOURSELF as the prize instead…

And the mindset becomes: “She treated me like crap and still hasn’t reached out, so she is still disqualified. She isn’t following the steps to correctly re-attract me. She isn’t the girl for me, and I’m going to find other girls that are out there.”

If you break your contact with her, AFTER you walked away… she will think you were just pretending to act strong. It will show her that you are still weak inside and depend on her validation. (Some part of your brain wants the girl to validate you and say “it’s ok you’re a great guy”)

But texting her because you just can’t take it anymore will just show her that you don’t say what you mean and mean what you say. And if she’s currently thinking about you and wondering if you’ve left for good, it will ruin the chance of her becoming attracted to you again.

Right now to get out of wanting to get her back, you just gota go out more often and meet other girls so that you get out of SCARCITY and go into ABUNDANCE.

Because see, one part is “thinking” how you’re a valuable man and you’re the prize blah blah blah, but the second part is actually going out, taking action, meeting new women to convince to your brain that you have other options out there… and when you’re in this paradigm, settling for a girl who treats you second-class is just foolish.

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