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Why Won’t She Text Me Back? Here’s What to Do If She Stops Responding

Here’s a question I might normally get from a student:

Hey Frankie, I have a problem…. the girl I was texting suddenly went cold. She completely ignored me!

Things were going pretty good for 3 days, we texted a lot and seemed to really connect. The last text I sent her was “me and you have a lot in common”… But she never responded!

Now suddenly she STOPPED texting me back. She never responded to my text!

Why won’t she text me back? Where did I screw up?

Anyways, shoot me another email because I’ve got another story to tell you.


– Nick

My Response

Hey Nick,

Here’s something you’ve gota know: It’s very common for a woman to stop responding… especially after a text that doesn’t beg for a response like “me and you have a lot in common”

That’s one answer to “why won’t she text me back.”

But in general… it’s a waste of time bashing your head against the wall wondering “why won’t she text me back.”

In fact, I was just texting a girl last night and she stopped responding. But I don’t see it as a big deal, because I’m going to text her again later as if nothing ever happened.

And that’s what you should do too.

Don’t fret it. Don’t sweat it. And ESPECIALLY don’t get all needy about it.

Nothing kills the flames of attraction faster than a guy who sends multiple texts in a row asking the girl if there’s something wrong and why she isn’t responding.

Women aren’t attracted to needy wussbags… so don’t do that!

Instead, pretend like nothing ever happened, because most likely it didn’t, and it’s all in your mind.

What do you do when your computer gets stuck and freezes?

You turn it off, and turn it back on again. Do the same thing with a woman who stopped texting you back.

Now there was one cool little thing I noticed in your email that you can use in your texting with women.

I noticed that you ended it with “Anyways, shoot me another email because I’ve got another story to tell you”

Which leaves me wondering what you’re going to say next.

This is called a hook, it triggers curiosity… and you can turn it into a tactic to get a girl to text you back!

You see, it is human nature to seek the answer to something that makes us really curious… and that’s exactly the underlying principle I used to create the “Girl Doesn’t Text Back Cheat Sheet” PDF Report

==>download it here

Inside, you will learn 3 “hook” texts to get a girl to text back

In particular, the “hook” you left at the end of your email is very similar to text #3 on page 4

==>click here to learn 3 Hook Texts to Get Her to Text Back

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