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7 Good Conversation Topics With a Girl That Create Connection and Attraction

Success with women boils down to one KEY thing:

Knowing what it takes to CREATE ATTRACTION.

And when you are out meeting girls… creating attraction boils down to creating conversation.

That’s why it’s so discouraging when a conversation with a girl you like goes nowhere — only running into awkward silences before she gets bored and leaves and you go your separate ways.

The good news is that running out of things to say can be fixed… if you focus on the RIGHT conversation topics.

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In particular, I’m going to reveal in this article 7 good conversation topics with a girl.

But first, there are 3 reasons why good conversation topics prevent you from getting stuck… and instead set you up for conversations that create attraction.

Let’s run through these 3 reasons…

1. Good conversation topics engage a woman emotionally.

When a woman is getting “emotional” with you, you see her laughing, you notice her pupils getting dilated, and she is having tons of fun.

The best part is when she attributes these emotions to YOU when she reminisces about her night in the morning after.

Does that sound good or what?


2. Having access to a variety of conversation topics to “bounce” to prevents you from getting stuck on one topic with nothing else to say.

TIP: You can actually sit down at home and come up with “canned” things to say depending on the topics that pop up.

You can even craft a conversation “game plan” to adhere to…

Now be careful with this as you don’t want to lose emotional spontaneity in your conversations.

But if you are completely lost as with what to say to a girl, having a set of conversation topics can be a great set of “training wheels.”

You feel me?



3. Going through different conversation topics with a girl creates a DEEP CONNECTION because you feel like you’ve talked about so many different things.

She is very likely to think “wow I feel like I’ve known him for years”

It will also give her the sense that she’s spent hours talking to you (even if you’ve only talked for 15 minutes)… creating the effect that “time flies”

Of course, the conversation is going to feel natural to her… EVEN if you practiced and planned these conversation topics at home the night before.

You get the picture.

Now let’s run through 7 good conversation topics that you can use to create awesome conversations.

Use the Following 7 Good Conversation Topics With a Girl to Create Connection and Attraction…

Topic #1: Childhood Memories

No matter how old we are, childhood will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Recalling specific childhood experiences allows a girl to relate to you 
emotionally and it allows her to open up about her own childhood memories… 
and boom, you’ve got her talking and contributing to the conversation with 


Topic #2: Passions

This is a great topic for two reasons…

A) It’s easy to talk about something you are excited about… releasing the pressure of having to come up with stuff to say.


B) You can get the girl talking about HER passions and communicating  emotionally. (Remember to avoid emotion-less “logical” conversations)

When you’re talking about your passions, it’s easy to bring emotion into it which allows the woman to then talk about HER passions… and voila, you have now forged an emotional connection.

Later when she thinks back, she’s going to remember how she FELT while being with you.

The next one is easy…

Topic #3: Situational Observations

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with things to say with a girl you just met who you know nothing about.

You don’t have a lot to work with, because you yet haven’t discovered things you connect on.

Except the connection of sharing the current moment right now, in the current environment.

For example, you can talk about…

– the type of bar you are in

– the type of food in the restaurant you are in

– the people around you

Here’s a fun “first date” game you can play:

People watch and make up stories about the people you see walk by.

This puts you and the girl on the same team, creating the “us vibe” that you want.

This also gives you a chance to escalate and bring up topics of sexuality.

For example, if you see a guy walking with two girls make up the story that they’re having a threesome later tonight

Or… if you see guy that looks to be on his first date with a girl, be like, “do you think he’s going to get laid tonight?”

And now you’ve brought sexuality into the conversation.


Topic #4: Her Ambitions

Once again, when you get a girl talking about her ambitions, she is putting herself in a state where she has to think deep, and emotionally about what she wants.

Plus, by focusing the conversation on her, it lets her talk about herself and gets her to contribute.

Topic #5: Travels

Another topic that gets her to contribute to the conversation.

A) it lifts the burden of having to do all the work in the conversation from your shoulders


B) Talking about travel allows her to display her passions, desires, world views…

Topic #6: Life Lessons

Ok now, this is a great way to take the conversation DEEPER.

It’s a way to jump to another branch of the “conversation tree.”

By asking “what is the lesson if the story”

…you introduce another dimension to the conversation and you stand out from all the other guys she meets.

How to Do it

Instead of only talk about how you got into a fight in 5th grade, add to it the feelings running through your mind in the moment, and the lessons learned from the fight.

Now, you’ve provided enough “hooks” that allows the conversation to spontaneously evolve into another topic.

Topic #7: Pop Culture/Current Events

If you’re stuck, your thoughts on pop culture or current events can keep a conversation afloat and not fall into “awkward silence” mode.

However, don’t depend on just one topic from this category or you risk getting stranded on the one-topic “conversation island.”

So there you have it — 7 good conversation topics with a girl.

These are topics you can use to connect with women or take the conversation to a higher “gear” that involves flirting and sexuality.

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