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Ex Girlfriend Just Wants to Be Friends

Students often write me asking what to do when an ex girlfriend just wants to be friends.

In other words, how do you get out of the “ex girlfriend friend zone”?

You have strong regret because was different in the past. She used to love you… she was crazy about you… but now she doesn’t feel that way anymore.

You miss the familiarity, the intimacy between you two, the pet names… you wish you could bring it all back.

Instead, she rarely texts you first anymore. Her texts are cold, and you know she’s probably talking to some other guy.

But you want to have her in your arms again… to just KNOW that she’s all yours again.

If this is you, keep reading to discover how to reverse the friend zone with a girl who used to love you… and find what it really takes to make her want to be your girlfriend again.

I’m also going to teach you what to do and what to say to her when she gives you the “let’s just be friends” speech. (I’m going to give you a line for this).

But first, I want you to understand 1 CRITICAL FACT:

When your ex girlfriend just wants to be friends, it means she no longer feels attracted to you like she did before.

The reason is that you likely committed a series of blunders that led to her state of mind of “not liking you anymore”.

Men often fall in this situation because they get NEEDY.

Did you?

Men often do needy stuff without knowing they’re doing it and this causes the woman to lose attraction right under their noses.

Here’s another intriguing fact about female psychology that you must know:

In any relationship, a woman will often want space to deal with her emotions. And many times, this has NOTHING to do with you!

However, whenever a woman distances herself from you, you get a “needy” urge to  chase her and “get her back”… and doing this causes her to lose attraction.


A woman who usually seems eager to text you suddenly goes cold and it makes you worry.

As you wonder why she’s fading, all these thoughts run through your mind:

Is she losing interest? Did you say something wrong? Is there ANOTHER GUY?

This causes you to send multiple texts in a row asking her “is everything ok?” or “what’s wrong?” Because you want to know that everything’s “alright”.

And then she finally texts you back, you breathe a sigh of relief and you feel “validated” for that day.

But if a woman pulls away and you crowd her space because you’re “needy” for her attention…

…it demonstrates weakness and she loses attraction!

In this article, I tell a story of how I messed up with a girl who pulled away and I failed to give her space)

Instead, when a woman backs away, you need to ALLOW HER THAT SPACE

Let your girlfriend have her space

Remember this next time it happens, if you get back with your ex… (or for your next relationship)… so that you don’t make the same deadly mistake.

Look, I know it’s hard to do nothing. I’ve been there many times before, and I know it feels like you’re going to lose her if you do nothing.

But in reality you’ll lose her because you did too much… not because you didn’t do anything.

By doing too much, you go away from your masculine center and she loses attraction because she senses you’re WEAK.

  • She feels that your emotions can’t “handle” her being away from you.
  • She feels you don’t have a life and that your self-esteem depends on having her as your girlfriend.
  • She feels you can’t protect her from real-life danger if you are weakened by a girl not giving you attention.

So now your ex girlfriend just wants to be friends. What do you do next?

Say THIS When Your Ex Girlfriend Says “Let’s Just Be Friends”

What do you do when she says “let’s just be friends”?

First, don’t accept being just friends. You want to stand up for yourself and for what you want. If she’s not qualified because she isn’t attracted to you enough… you simply move on so that you can find other date.

Yeah, you might want to be in her friend zone to attempt to sneak into the boyfriend zone later…(it’s what guys often do)… but you’re going to be miserable and it’s likely not going to work. (Especially when your ex girlfriend starts seeing another guy and you’re just her “buddy”).

The one thing that might make her feel attraction for you again is to walk away. This gives her space and allows her time to miss you and wonder about you. When you’re in her friend zone texting her every day and hanging out with her as friends… this doesn’t create space for her to wonder about you.

So when she says “let’s just be friends”… say THIS: “I’m not interested in anything platonic, but reach out if you change your mind” (This leaves the door open for her to come back)

Then walk away and don’t ever contact her again until she reaches out.

And if she does contact you again…

What do you do?

Follow the Steps in This Article

And if you’re serious about getting your ex back, (and I’m guessing you are or you wouldn’t be reading this) I recommend reading my free “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back” report (download it here for free).

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